[Webinar] Using Telnyx Fax API with Email in Python

Watch and Learn to use the Telnyx Fax API to send emails in Python

On March 9th, team Telnyx hosted a live webinar showing attendees how to use Telnyx Programmable Fax to send emails to their inbox in Python. Our resident Developer Advocate, Dan, walked through everything you need to get up and running:
  • How to configure your Telnyx portal account
  • How to set up your programmable Fax profile
  • How to send a fax to your email using Telnyx
  • How to send a fax using your email and your Telnyx Fax profile.
If you couldn't join us for the live webinar, be sure to watch the recording by accessing it through the form above. You can follow step-by-step, or grab the SDK from GitHub.
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