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How to build your content delivery network with Telnyx

Learn how to build a CDN with Telnyx's intuitive suite of APIs and tools in 5 easy steps.

Kelsie Anderson

By Kelsie Anderson

If you’re running a business that relies on digital content, you’re well aware that speed is crucial for capturing consumers’ attention. And that speed is measured in seconds, not minutes or hours. In fact, people will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load a webpage.

So in an age where site speed can heavily impact your bottom line, your business needs tools that can provide quick, reliable content delivery. A content delivery network (CDN) that accelerates your content distribution and provides an ironclad security and efficiency framework is critical for modern businesses.

Fortunately, Telnyx can provide tools built for low latency, high speed, and reliable delivery. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can build a CDN with Telnyx's cutting-edge products: Cloud Storage, Global Edge Router, and Inference. By design, these tools will give you more granular control over your content routing, ensuring it reaches your audience swiftly and securely, avoiding any single point of failure. Keep reading to learn more.

Already convinced? Contact our team to learn how you can build a CDN with unmatched redundancy and reliability on Telnyx’s infrastructure.

Understanding the need for CDNs

The demand for CDNs is driven by the ever-increasing need for content across multiple platforms. As we discussed, users expect near-instant access to streaming services, emails, social media, and content hubs. This demand is further amplified by the growing reliance on AI, which requires rapid content accessibility and delivery.

Businesses that use tools—like reliable CDNs—to better meet the near-real-time demands of consumers will likely find it easier to meet their overall business goals. Faster content delivery can lead to improved SEO results, increased customer loyalty, and higher conversion rates.

Telnyx solutions offer a comprehensive approach to content delivery

By leveraging Telnyx’s suite of products, your business can meet the evolving demands of content delivery. Here’s how our products work in tandem to create a CDN:

Cloud Storage

With Telnyx Cloud Storage, you can securely store your content, ensuring easy content management and fast access—at an affordable cost. Our S3-compatible APIs also make it easy to migrate your content from one service to another.

Want to see how much you’ll save with Telnyx? Check out our Cloud Storage cost calculator.

Global Edge Router

Accelerate your content delivery with our cost-effective Global Edge Router, designed for high-speed routing and redundancy. With this tool, you can optimize resources and improve your network performance with efficient routing at the edge.


Continually iterate on and improve content delivery with Telnyx Inference. By training and fine-tuning models to your users, you can elevate content delivery with more personalization and ensure efficiency to ultimately enhance your user experience.

How to build a CDN with Telnyx in 5 steps

Now that you understand the building blocks you’ll need for content delivery, let’s take a look at how you can build your own CDN on the Telnyx platform.

1. Assess your CDN requirements

Before you start building, you need to decide what your finished product should look like. To understand your CDN requirements, consider the following elements:

Identify the type of content you need to deliver. The need to deliver static, dynamic, or streaming content will influence your CDN setup.

Analyze your traffic volume and patterns. You’ll need to ensure your CDN can handle standard loads of traffic, as well as peak times and potential seasonal fluctuations.

Know the geographic distribution of your audience. A globally dispersed audience requires a CDN with a wide reach.

Set clear performance goals. Determine the metrics you want or need to reach, including load times and response rates, to determine your necessary CDN capacity.

Determine your necessary level of security. Assess the level of protection you’ll need against threats like DDoS attacks, and ensure compliance with data regulations.

Evaluate your existing infrastructure. Consider how the CDN will integrate with your existing platform and its compatibility with your current technology stack and tools.

Consider your future content delivery needs, as well as your current ones. Scalability and flexibility are vital to accommodate your organization’s changing needs. Make sure you’re building a CDN that can handle your current content delivery loads, as well as any increase in demand as your organization grows.

By taking these factors into account, you can build a CDN that aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

2. Implement Telnyx Cloud Storage

Once you know what kind of CDN you need, you’re ready to get started with the Telnyx platform. First up is Storage. You can store your digital assets securely with Telnyx Cloud Storage, ensuring they’re readily accessible for distribution. Depending on your audience location, you can choose to store your data in one of three regions across the U.S. for even faster egress.

3. Configure Global Edge Router

Set up Telnyx Global Edge Router for optimized content routing. This tool ensures you can deliver your content with minimal latency, regardless of the user's location. Multi-cloud failover ensures your services never appear offline—even in the event of a major cloud outage.

4. Leverage Telnyx Inference for enhanced delivery

Use Telnyx Inference to analyze user data and optimize content delivery paths, making your CDN faster and smarter.

5. Monitor and maintain your CDN

Use Telnyx's comprehensive analytics tools to monitor CDN performance, making adjustments as needed to maintain optimal efficiency.

Run on the competitive edge with Telnyx

In a market dominated by players like Cloudflare, Fastly, and Akamai, Telnyx stands out by offering an integrated solution for both content storage and delivery. Unlike competitors who rely on external services for cloud storage, Telnyx provides a unified platform, simplifying the content management process and enhancing performance.

With a robust infrastructure capable of scaling with your needs, you can count on reliable performance whether you need to deliver large amounts of content quickly or just want your website to run a bit faster. Our competitive pricing allows your business to benefit from cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. And our private global IP network and state-of-the-art security measures protect your content from storage to delivery site.

By building your CDN on the Telnyx platform, you can manage your content storage and routing seamlessly—all from one platform.

Contact our team to learn how you can optimize content delivery with Telnyx’s suite of intuitive APIs and tools.

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