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Introducing Telnyx eSIM

Embrace the future of connectivity: Telnyx eSIM - The seamless and simplified solution for your IoT and mobile devices.


By Aisling Cahill

eSIM IoT and mobile device with global data coverage

We are proud to introduce our latest offering: Telnyx eSIM. eSIM (or embedded SIM) gives your devices all the connectivity and functionality of the traditional SIM card, without the hassle of interchangeable physical cards. We are now offering eSIM functionality in two form factors: embedded MFF2 SIM for IoT devices and over-the-air eSIM for mobile devices.

Telnyx offers flexible data coverage in 180+ countries and an API to manage and configure SIMs over the air. Activate and monitor your devices remotely, no matter where they’re deployed, with one global SIM.

Embedded MFF2 SIM for IoT

As a leading provider of IoT SIM cards, we understand the need for simplified and flexible connectivity solutions. That’s why we are now offering embedded MFF2 SIMs as an alternative form factor for your unique IoT needs.

How do Telnyx embedded MFF2 SIMs work?

Embedded MFF2 SIMs work by directly integrating the SIM functionality into the circuitry of IoT devices during the manufacturing process. Embedded MFF2 SIMs are soldered onto the device's circuit board, ensuring a secure and permanent connection. They eliminate the need for a physical SIM card slot, making them a seamless and space-efficient solution. Telnyx enables you to seamlessly activate and provision the embedded MFF2 SIM over-the-air, allowing for remote management and configuration of your IoT connectivity.

What are the benefits of Telnyx embedded MFF2 SIM?

With its space-efficient design, enhanced security measures, and flexibility, embedded MFF2 SIM is revolutionizing the world of IoT connectivity.

Space Efficiency

With embedded MFF2 SIMs, you can bid farewell to bulky SIM card slots. This compact form factor integrates seamlessly into the device's circuitry, optimizing space utilization and enabling IoT devices to be smaller and more streamlined. Whether it's wearable devices, smart sensors, or industrial equipment, embedded MFF2 empowers you to create sleeker and more efficient IoT solutions.

Flexibility and Versatility

With embedded MFF2 SIM, you can seamlessly provision, configure, and manage your IoT devices remotely, saving time and effort in the deployment process and ensuring optimal performance for your IoT devices wherever they are deployed. Embedded MFF2 SIMs are interoperable across different IoT devices, enabling seamless integration and scalability in multi-vendor environments.

How do I get started with Telnyx embedded MFF2 SIMs?

Telnyx delivers your embedded MFF2 SIMs directly to your doorstep. Once you integrate the SIM into your device’s circuitry, follow our easy step-by-step setup instructions to get your device online in minutes. Or, contact our experts for advice.

Simplify IoT deployments with Telnyx embedded MFF2 SIMs. Seamlessly integrate devices, optimize space, and streamline management for efficient connectivity.

Order your Telnyx embedded MFF2 SIM now

eSIM for mobile devices

Discover how our eSIM technology transforms the way you connect and manage your mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, and more. With Telnyx eSIM, experience hassle-free and instant connectivity across global networks without the need for manual swapping of SIM cards.

How does Telnyx eSIM work?

Instead of manually inserting a physical SIM card, Telnyx eSIM can be downloaded over-the-air and activated instantly. This simplifies the process of connecting your devices to cellular networks. Enjoy seamless connectivity without the wait.

What are the benefits of Telnyx eSIM?

Unlock the power of Telnyx eSIM and gain global coverage across 650+ networks in minutes.

Instant delivery and activation

We understand the need for speed in today's fast-paced world. Telnyx eSIMs are delivered over-the-air and activated instantly. With eSIMs, you never have to wait to receive your SIM card via mail. Choose eSIM to unleash immediate connectivity for your devices.

Seamless global connectivity

With a single Telnyx eSIM, enjoy uninterrupted connectivity while traveling internationally. You don't need to worry about purchasing local SIM cards or dealing with complex roaming plans. Telnyx eSIM automatically connects to the best available networks in over 180 countries, providing you with a consistent and reliable data connection wherever you go.

Future-proof technology

As technology evolves, the world is moving towards eSIM. eSIM allows for over-the-air updates so as new technologies and network standards emerge, eSIM-enabled devices can easily adapt without requiring physical SIM card replacements.

How do I get started with Telnyx eSIM?

First, please check that your device supports eSIM and is camera-enabled. Then, purchase your eSIMs through the Mission Control Portal. eSIMs are downloaded over-the-air and activated instantly.

Embrace the power of Telnyx eSIM and enjoy instant, hassle-free connectivity, seamless global coverage, and future-proof technology for your personal devices.

Order your Telnyx eSIM now.

Whether you need embedded MFF2 SIMs for efficient IoT deployments or over-the-air eSIMs to instantly connect your mobile devices, Telnyx empowers you with seamless, secure, and future-proof technology. Embrace the future of connected devices with Telnyx eSIM.

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