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[Webinar] SMS Quickstart in Node SDK

A recap of our live webinar for how to get started using Telnyx SMS with Node SDK.

By Risa Takenaka

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Node SDK Webinar Recap

On October 7th, team Telnyx hosted a tutorial webinar to cover the steps of sending and receiving a message on the Telnyx SMS API using the Node SDK. With only 67 lines of code and lots of white space, our developer advocate Dan T made the process look easy. Dan walked us through the following steps:

Despite some hiccups with Visual Studio Code, Dan candidly debugged and talked us through the issues.

In his own words, “That’s the beauty of live demos.”

If you couldn’t join us for the live webinar, make sure to check out the recording (spoiler: there’s pictures of cute dogs involved). You should also make sure to save a seat for our next webinar, on October 27th, 10AM CST where we’ll be covering how to send and receive a message on the Telnyx platform using the PHP SDK.

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