Messaging • Last Updated 3/26/2024

SMS / MMS Rate Limits

Learn best practices for managing messaging rate limits and optimizing delivery from industry experts.


By Simon Verbiest

SMS rate limits can have a significant impact on message delivery and failure rates, and understanding best practices for managing these limits is crucial for the success of your messaging campaigns.

Join Telnyx's technical talk on April 26th at 10am (CT) / 4pm (BST), where our award-winning engineers and telco industry experts will answer your questions live.

Here are some of the key topics we'll cover:

  • How SMS rate limits work across 10DLC, Toll-Free, and Alphanumeric number types
  • Challenges and best practices for optimizing messaging delivery based on your rate limit
  • Common mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them
  • Q&A session where our experts will answer your rate-limit-related questions live
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