Guides and Tutorials • PUBLISHED 5/10/2023

VIDEO: Getting started with Telnyx Storage

Get started with low-latency and low-cost object storage at the edge with Telnyx.

By Marlo Vernon

Getting started with Telnyx Storage tutorial video

Telnyx Storage offers object storage that is built on decentralized Web3 technology for low-latency and low-cost storage at the edge. At a fraction of the cost of alternative storage providers and with no egress fees, Telnyx Storage is a great fit for backup, restore, and data archive use cases.

To get started with Telnyx Storage, watch the five-minute video below, or read through the written quickstart tutorial. In this video, the Telnyx Storage Product Manager Brandon walks through the entire process of creating a free Telnyx account, opening Telnyx Storage, creating a bucket, adding tags, and uploading an object into that bucket.

Find These Steps and More in the Developer Docs

All of the steps in the video can be found in our Developer Docs:

Contact a member of our team to learn more! Explore other Telnyx Storage tutorials in our Developer Docs.

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