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Why Frictionless CX is the New Competitive Advantage

The need for a streamlined, simplified omnichannel customer experience has never been more important.

By Dan Palmer

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When things can be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—from competitors halfway around the world—competing solely on price is an inevitable race to the bottom. Why not compete on experience instead?

Why Frictionless CX is the New Competitive Advantage

In an ever more competitive and connected global marketplace, the need for a streamlined, simplified omnichannel customer experience has never been more important. Potential consumers have grown accustomed to high-quality instantaneous interactions; when, where, and how they want them. And, as the volume of voice, SMS, and video traffic increases, so does the latency of the internet.

“It’s very important that we’re genuine and honest with our customers. It’s one of the reasons we focus on latency and engineer our systems to save every millisecond we can. Because we’re able to get latency down to the level we want with Telnyx, we don’t have to bend the truth with our customers like some of our competitors.”
  • Benjamin Gleitzman, Replicant CTO and co-founder
  • (A Better) Information Superhighway

    Telnyx Superhighway The internet is good for a great many things. But the web does struggle with real-time communication—that is simply not what it was built for. A delay of a few seconds might not have any noticeable impact on an email, but it can completely disrupt a phone call or a video conference. It is something we have all experienced: the latency, the jitter, the poor connections, and the dropped calls that can lead to a substandard interaction.

    There are companies out there that offer interesting products built using one of the major cloud providers, known in the communication industry as over-the-top. And though they have various bells and whistles and different price points, they all share a fundamental flaw: they still use the public internet.

    But there is a better way: a private information superhighway. A Telnyx Superhighway.

    With ten global Points-of-Presence (and counting) you can take your traffic off the public internet and use our private fibre backbone, resulting in lower latency, fewer lost packets, and less jitter. In fact, we offer Quality of Service Reports for free, instead of charging like some of our competitors. We don't want to hide the fact that we are best-in-class behind a paywall.

    Delivering Seamless CX demands lightning-fast speed and crystal-clear quality. We are ready to help you deliver both.

    About Telnyx

    At Telnyx, we are a cloud-agnostic communications platform that has the highest uptime of anyone in the industry. With our 10 global Points-of-Presence, private fibre backbone, and multi-cloud infrastructure we are able to keep you connected in every situation.

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