Global IP Network

Strengthen and simplify your communications with a purpose-built, private IP network. Redundancy in globally deployed infrastructure ensures the lowest latency and the best call quality — always.
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PoPs supported by a network
Global points of presence are essential, but what’s more important is the network that interconnects them. Most providers traverse your traffic over the public internet, where it’s susceptible to packet loss, lag and jitter. Telnyx built a dedicated, private IP network to resolve these issues.
Better than best-effort
As a true ISP built on a private infrastructure, our distributed network allows us to carry traffic across our global backbone, eliminating as many hops on the public internet as possible. Our interconnects at major internet hubs worldwide ensure IP level backup.
Architecture for real-time communication
Our Network
Competitor Networks

Our cloud-agnostic approach means we never rely too heavily on any one cloud provider, so customers rest easy knowing they are protected in case of network failure.

Other CPaaS providers build their networks on just one cloud provider, increasing their risk of network failure.

  • Security
    Keep your data safe from malicious threats on the public internet by using our secure, private network and end-to-end encryption that supports our Voice and SMS APIs.
  • Quality
    Enterprise-grade carrier network with our own private backbone to avoid the public Internet's technical pitfalls of poor call quality and dropped calls.
  • Reliability
    99.999% uptime, guaranteed. Our network is carrier- and cloud-agnostic, built with redundancies for every leg of the journey, with unparalleled 24/7 support.

The Telnyx difference

Real-Time Communication
Backward compatible but unreliant on legacy TDM-based telecom, our IP Network is designed for future real-time communication problems in a way the public internet was not.
Full Telephony Stack Ownership
Instead of relying on aggregators and resellers, our APIs directly control our own infrastructure. As a full-fledged carrier, we provide a higher-quality experience at a lower cost.
Virtual Cross Connects
Using our private network and Tier-1 interconnects, VXCs are a reliable, secure way to deploy direct connections with all major cloud providers, keeping traffic off the public internet.
Diversity Redundancy Resiliency
How we built our network
  • Multi-Cloud Architecture
    Our cloud-agnostic approach means consistently reliable call quality and availability. Telnyx connects directly with all major cloud providers offering unrivaled reliability and the ability to securely connect your cloud environments directly to ours.
  • Global Backbone
    Our global backbone offers a more direct, secure route for your packets. The Telnyx IP network links global points of presence with a private MPLS fiber backbone. Fewer hops, better quality and the ability to scale your communications globally with ease.
  • IP Interconnects
    With Tier-1 interconnects at major global internet hubs, we ensure that your calls get through the first time, every time. High-speed, low-latency virtualized connections mean reduced network latency and jitter as your calls avoid the public internet.
A network built with the developer in mind, robust enough to support the most sophisticated applications.
  • As a licensed Tier-1 carrier, Telnyx peers with major networks and cloud providers.
  • Global points of presence on the Telnyx IP network are linked via a private MPLS fiber backbone, minimizing packet loss and jitter.
  • Telephony engine intelligently routes calls to your preferred site or the nearest PoP according to the lowest latency.
  • Redundancies and automated failovers keep your systems running smoothly no matter what.

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