The Global, Private Network Built for Real-Time Comms.

Fully-owned PoPs. Tier-1 interconnects. Multi-cloud redundancy. Don't settle for anything less.

Your foundation for universal, future-forward communication.

More points of presence give you lower latency anywhere on earth. Multi-cloud architecture provides peace-of-mind redundancy.

Benefit from a global, private, multi-cloud network.

  • Security

    Our private network keeps your sensitive comms traffic away from the public internet.

  • Quality

    Our MPLS fiber backbone gives your traffic a dedicated private highway.

  • Reliability

    Our carrier- and cloud-agnostic architecture has built-in redundancies for every leg of the journey.

See the Telnyx difference.

Our network eliminates middlemen and latency, giving you better quality and lower latency than competitors, at lower prices.

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Build the future of communications on the Telnyx network.

Next-Generation Telephony

Intelligent API-enabled voice and messaging applications that can interface with any phone, anywhere.

All of our services are backward-compatible with, but never reliant on, legacy telecoms infrastructure.

Virtual Cross Connects

Deploy direct connections to every major cloud provider using our network-as-a-service model for easy internationalization, low-latency scale and unrivalled quality.

Built different.

Other communications providers try to pass-off commercial partnerships as a "Super Network". Here's everything that goes into a real communications network, built from the ground up.
  • Carrier License

    We're a licensed carrier in the US, Canada and 20+ international markets, with T1 partnership access to 130+ more.

  • Global PoPs

    We've built 10 private multi-cloud points of presence in high-density metro areas across the globe.

  • Private Fiber Backbone

    We own premium MPLS fiber interconnects between our PoPs, giving your traffic a private comms highway.

  • Intelligent Telephony Engine

    Our bespoke telephony engine was built to take full advantage of our network when routing and connecting your calls and texts.

  • Multi-Cloud Architecture

    Every one of our PoPs leverages a multi-cloud environment for redundancy and resiliency against downstream network issues.

  • Tier-1 Interconnects

    Our interconnects with Tier-1 network partners across the globe ensure reliable carrier-grade comms no matter where you are.

How we built our network.

Multi-Cloud Architecture

Our cloud-agnostic approach means consistently reliable call quality and availability.

Telnyx connects directly with all major cloud providers offering unrivaled reliability and the ability to securely connect your cloud environments directly to ours.

Global Backbone

Our global backbone offers a more direct, secure route for your packets. The Telnyx IP network links global points of presence with a private MPLS fiber backbone.

Fewer hops, better quality and the ability to scale your communications globally with ease.

IP Interconnects

With Tier-1 interconnects at major global internet hubs, we ensure that your calls get through the first time, every time.

High-speed, low-latency virtualized connections mean reduced network latency and jitter as your calls avoid the public internet.

  • “On top of good network quality, Telnyx has the API, portal and documentation... we can simply add features when we need to.”
    Dayton TurnerVP of Enterprise Product, Ooma

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Telnyx Network FAQs

PoP stands for point-of-presence. In the context of CPaaS providers with global IP networks, It's a location where the IP carrier has network and switching equipment that takes your call from the public internet onto the carrier's proprietary network and sends it directly to another PoP elsewhere in the network.

Points of presence (PoPs) all over the world mean that your voice and messaging traffic never travels too far on the public internet before reaching our global backbone network. This drastically lowers the latency of your communications, webhooks, and API commands, giving you a smooth communications experience.

Private IP networks have advantages over public IP networks in terms of security and quality. The private nature of the network means that your communications are less susceptible to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. In addition, a private network effectively acts as a dedicated private highway for your communications - free from the congestion of the public internet, your traffic can reach its destination more quickly, minimizing latency and jitter for unmatched call quality.