Global IP Network
The Telnyx network is built like no other—private infrastructure deployed around the world to ensure lowest latency and the best in call quality.

The Communications Superstructure

Purpose-Built Network

We built the Telnyx IP Network for the future's communication challenges, as an alternative to the best-effort and unsecured internet and to the legacy, TDM-based Public Switch Telephone Network. The Telnyx network has all the convenience and ubiquity of the internet without technical pitfalls like poor call quality or dropped calls. And, private infrastructure and optional end-to-end encryption keep your data safe from the malicious actors that prowl the web. We continue to expand our network into global markets.

How Do We Do It?

Telnyx is a licensed Tier-1 carrier that directly peers with major eyeball networks and cloud providers.
  • The Telnyx IP network links its global points-of-presence via a private MPLS fiber backbone.
  • The network pull calls off the public internet for a fast, direct and secure journey to their recipients.
  • The state-of-the-art telephony engine intelligently routes calls to ensure calls have the lowest jitter and packet loss. Calls route to either:
    • The nearest PoP according to lowest latency.
    • Your preferred site.
  • Redundancies and automated failovers keep your systems running smoothly no matter what.

"First-class wholesale SIP provider with awesome support. Telnyx has an outstanding on-net presence, with CLEC status in most of the USA and direct PSTN access to all the major carriers. I especially like their port-in process—They don't charge a fee and their porting team is very responsive.”

Kevin McMahan
President & CEO, nexMatrix Telecom

Global IP Network Features

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive rates with wholesale pricing available upon request.

Path Protection

We built our network with failure in mind. The links between sites are protected against a multiple failure scenario.

Sub-Second Failover

Fast reroute capabilities ensure that—in the case of a network failure—failover occurs in less than one second to keep our network humming and your users happy.

Full Redundancy

A/B Power, redundant equipment and multiple diverse physical ports means you stay up even if something goes wrong.

Private Backbone

Our private backbone ensure that your traffic takes the most direct path, not the cheapest one, securely.

Virtual Cross Connects

Telnyx’s direct connections with major public cloud providers gives you the ability to skip the internet and connect to Telnyx infrastructure.

Open Peering Policy

We believe in an open internet and shortening the path to all users. We practice what we preach and participate in multiple internet exchanges globally.

Tier-1 Partners

Interconnects at major global internet hubs ensure voice communications are delivered.

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