The #1 Twilio SMS Alternative. SMS Pricing that saves you up to 70%.

Make a Twexit from Twilio and switch to the better alternative in minutes.
The #1 Twilio SMS Alternative. SMS Pricing that *saves you up to 70%*. image

The SMS Alternative That Delivers

Enterprise-grade reliability, security and compliance at global scale.

Compare SMS Pricing

Lowest price SMS starting at $0.0025 to send and free to receive.

Migrate in minutes.

With tools to make switching a breeze, in the coding language you know.

Super simple SDKs

We speak your language—with Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Node and .NET SDKs, along with guides and code samples to help you embed SMS into your application, fast.

Twexit API

Make a Twexit and save up to 70% on your messaging costs. No need for extensive development time or resources, switch with minor changes to your existing Twilio code.

Here's what our customers think.

Momentum leader and highest satisfaction in G2 CPaaS grid

G2’s Cloud Communication Platform grid is based on over 1,000 verified real-life user reviews. Telnyx is proud to be named momentum leader in the category, as well as most implementable, best results and best usability. Most importantly, we received the highest user satisfaction score vs. providers like Twilio, Plivo and Bandwidth—with an average rating of 4.8/5.

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