The better Backblaze B2 alternative


Learn what makes Telnyx the best Backblaze B2 alternative

Telnyx Storage and Backblaze B2 are cost-effective, high-performance cloud storage solutions tailored for storing and handling vast quantities of unstructured data. They offer rapid data access and exceptional durability (with 11 nines). Both services are compatible with the Amazon S3 API, ensuring easy integration with your current tools and applications.

The main difference between the platforms is in egress fees. While Telnyx Storage does not charge egress fees, Backblaze B2 prices them at $0.01 per GB/month.

Pricing comparison

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Experience unbeatable savings. Here’s a side-by-side analysis of Telnyx Storage and Backblaze B2 costs.

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$0.005 per GB/month + egress

$0.005 per GB/month. $0.01 per GB/month egress. No operations costs.

Telnyx logo$0.006 per GB/month - no egress fees

$0.006 per GB/month. $0.50 per 1 million Class A Operations. $0.04 per 1 million Class B operations. No egress fees.


Compare our features against Backblaze B2

Discover the Telnyx advantage: competitive pricing, unmatched support, and built on distributed Web3 technology.

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Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable storage with multi-region data storage options

Telnyx logoHigh-speed, low-latency

High-speed, low-latency storage with multiple data center locations

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