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Data archiving

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Safeguard your digital data

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, businesses are generating and accumulating vast amounts of data—making data management and storage a complex issue.

As management of user data remains a top priority for regulatory bodies and customers alike, businesses need to implement a robust data storage strategy to ensure compliance, minimize risks, and uphold their company's reputation.

Data archiving is the practice of securely storing long-term, infrequently accessed data that ensures its integrity, security and availability. Cloud Storage offers businesses a cost-effective solution to retain valuable data without compromising performance or incurring high storage costs—all while staying aligned with the latest regulatory standards.


Save more data, for less

Telnyx Cloud Storage is significantly cheaper than other platforms. What's more, you'll never pay egress fees to access your archived data.


Typical cost savings when switching to Telnyx

Secure and long-lasting data archiving

Experience 99.999999999% durability for your archived files. Our distributed storage solution replicates data across centers, ensuring integrity and longevity.

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of data durability

Streamlined data summary

New AI-enabled storage buckets allow instant summarization of stored data, for quick insights and intuitive prompting.


powered data summaries

Seamless migration and integration

Our S3-compatible API enables you to point existing applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration.


Most implementable CPaaS platform, G2 Winter 2023

How It Works
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    Create your portal account

    Set up your portal account in minutes to access Telnyx's full suite of products and APIs.

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    Create a storage bucket

    Create a storage bucket with a few clicks or a simple API command. Organize your data with unlimited buckets—at no additional cost.

  3. 3

    Configure the API

    We've built our API so you can point your S3-centric applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration, so you can quickly realize your cost savings.

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    Smartly archive your data

    Objects that you’ve pushed to Telnyx Storage are safely stored for as long as you need to ensure your data is always available when you need it.


Fulfill your cloud object storage needs

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Data archiving is ideal for storing data that is not often accessed, but instead needs to be retained for long periods of time. Data retrieval for archive storage is not instantaneous, unlike object storage, however, it’s generally more cost effective for the preservation of cold data.