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Keep your old Twilio code and switch to the Telnyx Messaging API with 3 easy steps.


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A typical Twilio customer saves up to 50% on messaging costs immediately after switching. Some save up to 70%.


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Many customers save significant developer hours per week due to our superior ease of use, <6X faster registration times and free 24x7 support.


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Twilio relies on the public internet. Unfortunately, the internet wasn’t built for real-time communications, and it shows—high latency, packet loss, and poor security cause endless quality issues.

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Our privately owned, global IP network was designed from the ground up for real-time voice and data communications, so your calls are crystal-clear and secure, with super low latency.


Absolutely. Creating a porting request for a Messaging-capable number is easy with Telnyx Porting API -- we streamline the porting processes with real-time CSR validation and complete transparency via our portal. Some of the customer centric features include scheduling the port for a particular time (including non-business hours) or activating it yourself on demand.