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Cloud storage backup

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A cloud backup solution for all your data

Data backup and restore solutions are essential shields to ensure businesses rebound from data breaches, system failures, and unexpected outages. In 2024, data is your most valuable asset, but backup systems remain complex, unreliable, and expensive.

Telnyx Cloud Storage is a cost-effective backup solution that integrates easily with your existing systems. Our single-tier platform ensures data is replicated across multiple data centers to eliminate the risk of single-point failures that can erode customer trust and result in significant data—and financial—losses.

Industry-low pricing means you can implement a robust cloud storage backup solution at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Take a look to see how much you can save.


Compare Telnyx Cloud Storage with other providers

Starting at $0.006 per GiB per month. Calculate how much you can save on storage by switching to Telnyx.


Unlimited storage for less

Why spend more money than you need to? Telnyx Cloud Storage is significantly cheaper than competitors, with 10GB free every month.



Easy setup

Telnyx empowers customers to build their ideal storage solutions through user-friendly RESTful APIs and an award-winning self-service portal.



Bulletproof backup security

99.999999999% of annual durability. Automatic replication to distributed data centers ensures your data isn’t susceptible to single points of failure.

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Of data durability

Seamless migration

S3-compatible APIs let you point existing applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration.



How It Works
  1. 1

    Create a Telnyx account

    Sign up to the Mission Control Portal to get started with Telnyx Cloud Storage. Every user gets 10GB of free storage every month, so you can test for free!

  2. 2

    Create a storage bucket

    Create a storage bucket with a few clicks or a simple API command. Organize your data with unlimited buckets—at no additional cost.

  3. 3

    Upload files and folders

    Easily upload files or complete folders in a matter of seconds. Summarize your data in the portal to gain quick insight into your stored documents.

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    Unlimited cloud storage

    Store TB of data for a fraction of the cost of other providers. Data stored with Telnyx are duplicated across multiple data centers and instantly available in crisis situations.


Fulfill your cloud object storage needs

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    Build a scalable cloud storage solution

    Telnyx Cloud Storage is built on improved infrastructure for fast access, easy migration, and enhanced interoperability with AI and ML tooling.

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    Build with S3-compatible APIs

    Point your S3-centric applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration and a faster way to realize savings.

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    Distributed storage for peace of mind

    Distributed storage offers a more robust, scalable, and secure solution for data storage.

Ready to build something incredible?

Backup and restore services make periodic copies of data on a separate, secondary device and allow the recovery of that data in the event that the original is lost. Backups protect against hardware failure, human errors, virus attacks, and natural disasters.