Use Case

Backup and restore

Hardware failure

Redundancy reinvented with cost-effective storage

Every business faces the looming threats of data breaches, system failures and unexpected downtimes. These disruptions can can halt operations, erode customer trust, and result in significant financial losses.

Data backup and restore solutions are essential shields to ensure businesses rebound from such events, but many backup systems are pricey, sluggish, and unreliable.

Telnyx Cloud Storage ensures data is replicated across multiple data centers, eliminating the risk of single-point failures. Distributed storage enables applications to retrieve objects with super low latency, while zero egress fees mean you can implement a cost-effective data backup and restore solution.


Bulletproof backup security

99.999999999% of annual durability. Automatic replication to distributed data centers ensures your data isn’t susceptible to single points of failure.

11 9s

Of data durability

Store more for less

Telnyx Cloud Storage is significantly cheaper than other platforms. With us, you'll never pay egress fees to access your data.


Typical cost savings when switching to Telnyx

Seamless migration and integration

Our S3-compatible API enables you to point existing applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration.


Most implementable CPaaS platform, G2 Winter 2023

How It Works
  1. 1

    Create your portal account

    Set up your portal account in minutes to access Telnyx's full suite of products and APIs.

  2. 2

    Create a storage bucket

    Create a storage bucket with a few clicks or a simple API command. Organize your data with unlimited buckets—at no additional cost.

  3. 3

    Configure the API

    We've built our API so you can point your S3-centric applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration, so you can quickly realize your cost savings.

  4. 4

    Safely backup and restore data

    Objects stored with Telnyx are duplicated acorss multiple data centers and are instantly available in crisis situations—with no egress fees.


Fulfill your cloud object storage needs

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Backup and restore services make periodic copies of data on a separate, secondary device and allow the recovery of that data in the event that the original is lost. Backups protect against hardware failure, human errors, virus attacks, and natural disasters.