Call escalation

Escalating call from initial response agent to their manager.

Increase your CX with call escalation

When customers call your support line with an issue, they expect it to be solved almost immediately. Call escalation pathways allow contact centers to prioritize and direct customers inquiries to the best-suited support agents to ensure that customer support requests are handled efficiently and effectively. Implementation of call escalation pathways can increase customer loyalty and reduce wait times, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Voice APIs can help in automating certain processes of the call escalation process, such as sentiment analysis and call transfers.


Voice is a trusted customers channel

Even with the rise of omnichannel communications, voice remains an important part of the customer engagement journey.


Of customers prefer to call support with an issue

Intelligent call control

Build agent coaching, inbound call attribution, IVR phone trees, skills-based routing, AI integrations and more—all with the simplicity of a RESTful API or XML scripting.


Most implementable voice API platform, G2 Winter 2023

Increase CX, NPS and NRR

Elevated voice quality and reduced downtime increase the chances of successful outcomes for your customers.


Easily keep track of what’s important for your business.

How It Works
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    Port all of your phone numbers

    Set up your Mission Control account to get started with Telnyx. Port your existing business numbers in the portal or via API and track porting status with complete transparency. New numbers can be provisioned in the portal in just a few clicks.

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    Integrate with Telnyx Voice API

    Telnyx Voice API gives you complete control of your call flows with our suite of next-gen communications APIs. Our documentation makes it easy to move your existing setup to Telnyx.

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    Add smart features that matter

    Use speech-to-text and sentiment analysis to help decide when a call needs to be handed off to an appropriate agent or supervisor, before the customer asks.

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    Iterate and improve your call flows

    Once live, you can monitor the effectiveness of your new call escalation pathway through tracking customer outcomes or integration with your CRM. Changes to your pathway can be made easily via API.


Every product you need for an efficient contact center

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    Use call insights and metrics to improve CX

    Voice APIs make identifying problems and taking action easy by providing call data and reports that help you extract actionable insights.

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    Getting started with Telnyx Voice API

    Create a Telnyx Voice API application and connect calls in just a few minutes, literally.

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    Level up your CX with global voice

    In this webinar, we discuss why voice is still such an important part of the customer journey and how Telnyx can help you with your global communications.

Deliver personalized customer experiences that scale

Call escalation is when a call is transferred from one agent to another—typically to a supervisor or more experienced agent—in a contact center when the original agent is unable to handle the call effectively. This may be necessary in situations where the customer has a complex issue or complaint. The goal of call escalation is to increase customer satisfaction, retention and brand loyalty.