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Global voice webinar: Level up your CX

Watch to learn how to route in a complex landscape and get best practices to build modern global voice into your customer service.


By Fiona McDonnell

The importance of voice as a customer service channel has not diminished, even in the wake of more digital channels entering the mainstream. Customers often choose voice when needing to get support on complex issues, while businesses continue using it to elevate the customer experience and enhance their level of service.

However, providing a voice service globally has become increasingly complex. The rise of VoIP communications and the regulations associated with the technology can leave business leaders feeling overwhelmed and challenged when attempting to scale communications globally.

Watch our regulatory and numbering experts give a talk on:

  • How to navigate the complex regulatory landscape including STIR/SHAKEN and RMD registration
  • Practical tips on number requirements and automating porting
  • Best practices to to build modern global voice into your customer service so you can connect with your customers seamlessly–wherever they are.

You’ll come away with all the knowledge and tools you need to scale your customer service.

Start building today with our Voice API trusted by developers.

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