Click-to-call builds customer trust, improves conversion rates and makes it easy for customers to engage at critical moments. Click-to-call is easy to implement using the Telnyx Voice SDK and ensures high quality, low latency voice for the best customer experience.

Connect with a click

  • Call from Any App or Browser

    The Telnyx Voice SDK works with JavaScript, Android and iOS. With one click the user can initiate the call using VoIP so the call connects over the internet. With Telnyx, you also have the option to connect to non-Web RTC compatible browsers, complex SIP infrastructure or the PSTN.

  • Inbound Direct Response Marketing

    The simplicity of click-to-call makes it the ultimate Direct Response tool - customers can reach your business without having to leave their current application. By providing real time access you’re able to quickly respond to customer questions and offer on-demand customer support.

  • Click-to-call CRM for Outbound Sales

    Implementing click-to-call for sales and support teams within your CRM instance reduces errors associated with manual dialing, streamlines workflows and makes it easy to track and report activity. Click-to-call can be implemented in any CRM record, including leads, contacts, accounts or custom fields.

Building with Telnyx

Telnyx offers fast, flexible high quality voice

  • Voice SDK

    Power real time, contextual communications using Web-RTC to connect your website or app to SIP infrastructure. WebRTC Voice SDK

  • Web Enabled PBX

    Telnyx SIP trunking lets businesses set up global VoIP on our private, multi-cloud IP network in minutes. Build WebRTC capabilities into Telnyx SIP infrastructure to quickly spin up new agents without provisioning or paying for softphone apps SIP Trunking

  • The Telnyx Network

    Our global, private multi-cloud IP network moves communications off the public internet and offers the scale, reliability and quality businesses need from a global telephony partner. Telnyx Network

We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to

Our Developer Center has in-depth Voice SDK docs to show how easy integrating with Telnyx can be.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Click-to-Call

Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is an easy way for customers to contact your business from your website or app. Users simply click a button and are connected via a VoIP web call, without having to leave the app or browser they are currently using.

By making it easy for customers to connect with your team, you’re creating a positive customer experience, building trust and increasing the performance and ROI of your marketing efforts.

  • Inbound calls see a much higher conversion rate than website leads. According to Marketing Dive, calls turn into customers 10x to 12x more frequently than leads.
  • From a customer support perspective, ensuring customers can easily reach you by phone is one of the key best practices that lead to happy customers according to Help Scout.
  • Delivery services and ride sharing apps use click-to-call to easily connect customers with their drivers. When combined with masked numbers, the services ensure both the driver’s and customer’s personal numbers remain private.
  • SaaS companies use click to call on their websites and support centers to increase conversion and improve customer satisfaction. Customers request for a call back which allows the business to route the call to an available agent.
  • Direct to consumer businesses like consumer goods, real estate agencies, restaurants or service centers utilize click-to-call to edge out the competition by offering real time communications for sales and support.
  • B2B businesses streamline their outbound sales process by implementing click-to-call into their CRM. Click-to-call reduces the errors associated with manual dialing while ensuring the sales team stays within the CRM environment. In addition, Click-to-call offers easy tracking, allowing businesses to track and report on calls within the CRM platform.

There are many considerations when evaluating APIs to enable Click-to-call for your business:

  • Compatibility with all browsers, including non-Web RTC compatible browsers as well as complex SIP infrastructure or the PSTN.
  • Flexible SDK and easy-to-use developer docs.
  • Availability of features critical to your unique use case. For example, features like masked numbers can help ensure privacy or call recording features for compliance.

Telnyx offers a flexible Voice SDK to enable Web RTC calls, and it’s easy to get set up in minutes with our developer tools. Download the Voice SDK from Github, or contact us to speak with an expert.