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Click-to-call dialer

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Build a click-to-call dialer with minimal code

Click-to-call builds customer trust, improves conversion rates and makes it easy for customers to engage with your business at critical moments. Building your own communication products has never been easier using the Telnyx suite of API’s. Get our sample code to kickstart your project, and enable your customers to make crystal clear and secure calls anywhere in the world.


Intelligent call control

Build agent coaching, inbound call attribution, IVR phone trees, skills-based routing, AI integrations and more—all with the simplicity of a RESTful API or XML scripting.


Most implementable voice API platform, G2 Winter 2023

Crystal clear calls

Telnyx APIs connect directly to our global private network of multi-cloud PoPs and direct carrier interconnects, so your customers have high quality audio everywhere.


Multi-cloud points of presence (PoPs) across the globe

Pay-as-you-go pricing

You’re only charged for what you use, nothing more. Get flexible [voice pricing]( with automatic discounts as you scale.


Typical cost savings when switching to Telnyx

How It Works
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    Connect your business phones to Telnyx SIP trunks

    No matter what your on-premise or cloud deployment is, Telnyx has a range of options to connect desk phones, PBXs, soft phones and even clients like Microsoft Teams or Zoom Phone to our powerful global infrastructure and APIs.

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    Build calling into your apps and websites

    Add full carrier-grade PSTN calling to both customer-facing and internal interfaces with our advanced SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript. Enable craft dialers, click-to-call buttons and more with ready-to-use code examples.

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    Build, test and debug with ease

    Leverage in-depth tutorials and videos, comprehensive code examples and stems, and a community of Telnyx developers to get your application up and running. Then, enjoy the most developer-friendly debugging tools on the market with webhook tracking, Qos reporting and much more.

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    Scale click-to-call globally

    Scale your existing, validated click-to-call application to new countries in a few clicks, thanks to advanced number porting and provisioning. Our regulatory experts can help you navigate complex requirements in your desired countries.


Build click-to-call with next-gen communication tools

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    Migrate from Twilio to Telnyx for click-to-call

    Discover key differences between the platforms as well as implementation details for standard SDK features to make your experience as smooth as possible.

  • Icon Resources Coding Tutorial

    Click-to-call sample code and video

    Access our free click-to-call sample code and video to kickstart your project and accelerate the development of your platform.

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    Integrate push notifications into your calling apps

    Integrate browser push notifications for iOS and Android into your communications apps today, and reach your customers faster.


Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is an easy way for customers to contact your business from your website or app. Users simply click a button and are connected via a VoIP web call, without having to leave the app or browser they are currently using.