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IoT security solutions

House protected by security system

Keep IoT devices off the public internet

IoT devices on the public internet are not secure. Build reliable IoT security and eliminate the risk of cyberattacks by connecting your devices directly to your private corporate network with Telnyx IoT SIMs (available in triple-size SIM cards and embedded MFF2 form factors) and Private Wireless Gateways.


Mitigate risk and limit attack surface

Isolating IoT devices on a private network isolates them from the large attack surface of the public internet.


Security breaches on IoT devices in the first half of 2021

Lock SIM cards to specific devices

IMEI locking—available via the Telnyx portal or API—means SIMs will not function if inserted into any unapproved device.


Easiest admin comms and connectivity platform, G2 Fall 2022

See in-depth logs across your SIM fleet

Device locations, network activity, SIM actions, IP addresses and more—all available via portal or API.


Rich data points for each SIM, accessible via API

How It Works
  1. 1

    Acquire global IoT SIM cards

    Order and register your IoT SIM cards. Telnyx IoT SIM cards are hardware-agnostic and work with any cellular IoT device.

  2. 2

    Connect SIM cards to your private network

    Set up a Private Wireless Gateway in a few clicks, connecting your IoT SIM cards in the field directly to your cloud environment or your on-premise servers for the ultimate IoT security.

  3. 3

    Build your IoT application your way

    Integrate real-time data sharing, machine-to-machine commands and SMS into your application. Customize features via the Telnyx API and Mission Control Portal based on your specific use case.

  4. 4

    Scale secure IoT globally on multiple networks

    With access to 650+ networks in 180+ countries—including all major timer-1 networks in the U.S. and Canada—you can deploy secure devices across the globe without worries.


Global connectivity with IoT security solutions built-in

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    Build IoT applications using the Telnyx API

    Access an easy-to-use self-service portal, an intuitive API, a quickstart guide and API reference docs.

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    Create a private LTE network with Telnyx Wireless

    Enhance your IoT security, access and control by creating a private LTE network with Private Wireless Gateways.

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    IoT security with private LTE networks

    Private networks can help minimize the risk of cyber attacks for IoT applications through bypassing the public internet.

Ready to build something incredible?

IoT security solutions are intended to prevent bad actors from gaining access to your IoT devices. Most IoT security solution providers offer IoT device security solutions that center around buying and operating your own dedicated access points on your premises.