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BEST Canada Energy is on a mission to unlock savings and improve comfort for small buildings with high energy usage. The company leverages a powerful combination of machine learning and advanced hardware, all orchestrated through a sophisticated backend system.

Central to bringing this vision to life is its partnership with Telnyx. With its global IoT SIM cards, Telnyx provides the essential IoT connectivity backbone that enables BEST Canada Energy to monitor and control building systems in real time.

A bright idea

Established in 2020, the founders of BEST Canada Energy identified a critical gap in energy management for energy-hungry businesses operating in small buildings, such as quick-serve restaurants, convenience stores, and dry cleaners:

“These businesses are overlooked and often suffer from high energy costs due to inadequate solutions tailored to their unique needs,” explained Jason Kania, CTO at BEST Canada Energy.

The company set out to build a solution that could automate energy management, improve air quality, and maintain comfort levels—a challenge particularly pronounced in buildings with legacy equipment and varying energy demands. Fast-forward to 2024, and the company has successfully secured significant energy savings for businesses in various Canadian locations.

Precise energy monitoring and connectivity for autonomous control

A core aspect of BEST Canada Energy's innovation lies in its proprietary, patented energy monitoring system, which attaches to the breaker panel in buildings to meticulously record energy usage on a circuit-by-circuit basis. “Think of it as an ECG [electrocardiogram] for buildings,” said Kania. This approach allows for an accurate, detailed view of energy consumption, enabling precise control and optimization of various building systems such as ventilation, cooling, and heating.

To enable this level of monitoring and control, the company required a robust connectivity solution capable of transmitting real-time energy usage data to its backend for analysis and sending control instructions back to the building's systems. They looked for one that could support constant, reliable data transmission—all while being retrofit-friendly to integrate seamlessly into existing building infrastructures.

In their search for a reliable connectivity partner, BEST Canada Energy evaluated several IoT SIM card providers. However, they found many pricing models unfavorable, and technical support was often lacking. BEST Canada Energy needed a solution that offered robust failover capabilities, extensive network coverage, and the flexibility to adapt to various connectivity scenarios across Canada.

Reliable connectivity for a greener tomorrow: The Telnyx and BEST Canada Energy partnership

The quest for a reliable, scalable solution led BEST Canada Energy to Telnyx. Telnyx’s multi-network IoT SIM cards stood out for their extensive coverage. Their strong failover capabilities and redundancy ensures always-on connectivity and uninterrupted data flow critical to BEST Canada Energy's operations.

This capability—combined with Telnyx's competitive pricing—positioned Telnyx as the optimal choice for BEST Canada Energy's connectivity needs. The potential to leverage Telnyx's comprehensive suite of edge connectivity solutions for future product enhancements solidified their choice of Telnyx as a long-term partner.

Since adopting Telnyx’s solutions, BEST Canada Energy has witnessed a boost in happy customers reporting improvements in their buildings' efficiency and comfort levels. “There’s growing excitement for our kitchen air management system,” Jason told us. This product offers dual benefits: improved air quality for cleaner kitchen environments and substantial energy cost reductions.

The partnership with Telnyx has opened new avenues for innovation, including the development of SMS and voice alerts and notifications. These advancements will enable BEST Canada Energy to automatically and proactively inform clients of maintenance needs or system optimizations, further enhancing the customer experience and improving operational efficiency.

Looking forward: Expansion and innovation

BEST Canada Energy envisions a future where its solutions become the gold standard for energy management in small buildings across North America. The company aims to expand its footprint, continuing to focus on sectors that have historically been neglected in energy conservation and comfort optimization efforts.

The collaboration between BEST Canada Energy and Telnyx exemplifies how innovative technology—when paired with the right connectivity solution—can lead to significant advancements in energy efficiency for underserved markets. As BEST Canada Energy continues to grow and evolve, their trust in Telnyx's advanced solutions ensures they remain at the forefront of the energy efficiency movement, creating smarter, more sustainable solutions for a brighter future.


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