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COSMO was founded in 2020 with the mission of helping families digitally connect with even their youngest kids in appropriate, meaningful ways. This mission led them to devise a child-friendly smartwatch that prioritizes safety while enhancing family togetherness.

Their JrTrack 3 kids smartwatch, paired with its companion app for parents, is equipped with communication functions such as calling, texting, and location tracking. It also boasts a suite of safety features only possible with a wireless connection, like 9-1-1 calling, geofencing, and unapproved call blocking.

The search for a partner that could keep families connected

As with any groundbreaking innovation, there are bound to be some bumps along the road. COSMO faced some technical challenges, including instances when cellular coverage was patchy and device connectivity was inconsistent. At the heart of COSMO's commitment to their customers was a promise of steadfast reliability. They set about rectifying these issues to fine-tune their product and uphold the trust parents placed in them.

To accomplish this goal, COSMO sought a connectivity partner who could provide a technical solution and understand the significance of “ultimate reliability” in a child’s device.

The Telnyx transformation

COSMO’s search for the perfect connectivity partner led them to Telnyx. They needed a partner who could provide IP-based solutions, coupled with expertise and support. While COSMO did explore alternatives like Twilio, they gravitated toward Telnyx’s outstanding engagement, responsiveness, and product features.

In collaboration with Telnyx, COSMO undertook a proof of concept (PoC) phase spanning several weeks. The PoC yielded valuable technical insights and a significant reduction in customer complaints regarding device connectivity.

COSMO’s CTO, Shil Sondagar, remarked, “Telnyx provided hands-on training and support and helped COSMO bring the solution to market with impressive speed and quality.”

Fast-forward to today, and COSMO’s smartwatch has earned a reputation for superior connectivity and reliability through implementing Telynx’s SIP trunking for voice calls and IoT SIM card for cellular connectivity. Telnyx provides easy-to-use APIs enabling COSMO to automate processes, from swiftly provisioning global numbers to initiating SIP connections.

With Telnyx SIMs in every smartwatch, COSMO has enhanced its tech infrastructure, allowing it to further shape a brand dedicated to a safer, technologically advanced world that puts families at the center of innovation.

COSMO CTO testimonial

Adding features with Telnyx

Parents use COSMO’s companion app to communicate with their child’s smartwatch, but COSMO is currently pioneering a more intuitive approach. By integrating Telnyx’s Messaging API, they will enable parents to send messages directly from native messaging apps, streamlining efficient communication for busy parents while maintaining top-tier security.

Looking ahead, the roadmap for COSMO’s smartwatch tech evolution includes the integration of Telnyx eSIMs. eSIMs pave the way for a sleeker design that efficiently utilizes device space by eliminating the need for SIM card slots. Furthermore, COSMO envisions elevating the user experience by exploring video capabilities and implementing WebRTC and VoLTE with Telnyx in their next-gen smartwatch. These product enhancements are set to amplify customer satisfaction while assuring ever-reliable connectivity.

Growing with Telnyx

COSMO has high aspirations for its brand, aiming to become the gold standard operating system for children’s wearable devices. The company is currently making a significant mark in the USA but has plans for geographical expansion, keenly eyeing the Canadian and European markets to broaden its user base. With this expansion, COSMO plans to leverage Telnyx's extensive global coverage to ensure families everywhere can enjoy safe and seamless connectivity.

As COSMO continues on its remarkable journey, its Telnyx partnership is a testament to what’s achievable when innovation meets dedication: a safer, more connected future.


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