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reduction in average porting time


response times — from up to a day to usually within minutes


provider with improved number porting capabilities

The Documo platform makes it easy for users to simplify and automate their document workflows. Users can leverage their powerful REST API or intuitive, modern web portal to securely sign, send, or store the documents that matter.

One of Documo’s core products is mFax—a leading cloud fax solution. With Telnyx, Documo is able to offer users fast, efficient, and seamless number porting and purchasing via their portal.

Number porting doesn’t have to be painful

Being able to port numbers is a necessity for many businesses, including Documo. But moving a number to a different network has historically been a manual, often time-consuming, and frustrating process with users at the mercy of carriers. As Matt Herrera, founder and CEO of Documo, said “Porting was one of our biggest pain points. It’s a pain for everybody because it’s completely inflexible. We wanted a carrier who made it as simple as possible for our end-users.”

Telnyx developed FastPort® specifically to address this problem. FastPort offers a faster, easier way for Telnyx customers and their end-users to port phone numbers. The process is automated from start to finish. Documo duplicates this functionality in their own customer portal, so end users can initiate port requests and gain access to detailed real-time port status information.

As a result, they’ve gained vast improvements in their porting capabilities. “When we port numbers to Telnyx, our end users get a far better experience. That’s incredibly meaningful to us because it’s our opportunity to start relationships with our customers with a rewarding initial experience rather than a frustrating one.”

Fast responses = happy customers

Documo prides itself on customer support. Like Telnyx, they’re available to their customers 24/7 to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. So it’s important to them to partner with providers that enhance—rather than detract from—the support levels they’re able to provide.

“That’s where Telnyx shines the brightest,” said Herrera. “Telnyx is our strongest partner in terms of how they deliver support, response times, and giving access to the right people. This is in stark contrast to some of our other providers. We know that with Telnyx, we’re going to get 24/7 access to engineering resources. And when we need to dig deep into a specific issue, we’re going to get the resources and support to enable us to resolve it.”

In fact, Documo has seen a significant reduction in response times with Telnyx—from hours to minutes. The result? “Being able to get very fast responses from Telnyx allows us to deliver better support to our end-users, which is incredibly important to us.”

Forward-thinking and fast-moving

For Documo, selecting the right carrier meant finding a provider who was able to offer a seamless porting experience, better porting capabilities, and excellent support levels. But they also wanted a partner who was like-minded.

Documo wanted a partner with a strong API, great documentation, and product velocity. “The world is moving toward automation and programmable, customizable solutions,” said Herrera. “I wanted a partner that was API-first and actively investing in continuous product improvement. That’s what we have in Telnyx.”

“Telnyx is forward-thinking in everything they do. We’re similar, and we want to partner with businesses that are moving forward—not complacent or just satisfied with where they are. We’ve both grown together considerably, and that creates a lot of good energy.”


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