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Lightspeed powers independent retail and restaurant businesses all over the world with industry-leading payments and point-of-sale solutions in the cloud. When it came time for them to scale their communications infrastructure globally, they turned to Telnyx.

Global scale without a hitch

Serving customers in over 74,000 locations, Lightspeed sought a carrier with a modern global infrastructure. The Telnyx network, with points of presence across the globe interconnected by a private fiber backbone, allows Lightspeed to connect with all of their customers and business contacts across their 14 office locations through a single unified communications platform.

By choosing Elastic SIP Trunking, Lightspeed gained the flexibility to scale call volumes up or down in just a few clicks. In addition to controlling capacity, virtually every aspect of Lightspeed’s global communications is configured through one hub with the Mission Control Portal.

Call failures are a thing of the past

When Lightspeed switched to Telnyx from a stack of other outbound carriers, their reported call failures dropped by a whopping 99.9%. This improvement has transformed the efficiency of their contact center, and saved invaluable time for their IT telecommunications department—who no longer have to troubleshoot a considerable number of call failures every month.

Because Telnyx has deep relationships and regulatory experience in markets all over the world, we can guarantee market-leading international call connection at an unbeatable price.

The future: Internet-centric comms on a private backbone

After a seamless SIP trunking switchover with immediate benefits for their contact center and support teams, Lightspeed plans to build on their partnership with Telnyx. By leveraging our Virtual Cross Connects to transport data between their cloud environments, Lightspeed is aiming to keep all of their communications traffic away from the public internet, ensuring greater security and flawless quality.


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