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million calls, texts, and emails sent monthly


fewer missed calls daily


easy-to-use platform

Weave, a complete business toolbox for service-based businesses, has built its platform to provide personalized and effective solutions for the entire customer journey, from the first phone call to the final invoice. They send a staggering 88 million calls, texts, and emails monthly and their customers have seen a 95% decrease in missed calls daily. By integrating Telnyx’s voice and messaging solutions into their services, Weave has enhanced customer engagement and amplified its product offering.

Weave provides several key services to their customers on one platform that integrates with the customer's CRM system for an easy-to-use experience. They are one of the few, if not the only platform, providing all of these features together.

Global voice and messaging that scales

As the Director of Engineering for Communications at Weave, Heath Elden explained that the platform was in need of a voice and messaging provider that could keep up with its rapid growth while ensuring reliable service. They also required an API functionality that would allow them to iterate quickly and adapt to the leading edge of the communications platform they were building.

In their early stages, Weave worked with other providers. However, as the company grew, these providers either couldn't keep up with their rapid growth or lacked the API capabilities needed to continue to innovate and power their platform.

Quick and iterative development

Telnyx emerged as a suitable partner for Weave, understanding their objectives and the level of service they were striving to provide their customers. Heath stated, “Telnyx has proven itself to be a great partner for Weave. They understand where we're headed, how fast we're trying to get there, and have been able to keep up with us while providing a lot of good communication and specific guidance."

The pace of Telnyx's feature releases have also positively impacted Weave’s product offerings. They were quick to integrate Telnyx's new fax API offering into their platform, providing an essential piece of functionality for their customers in the medical space.

Solving issues with expertise

Telnyx support has been instrumental in helping Weave fix issues, especially in ensuring deliverability of messages for specific phone numbers to specific carriers. Telnyx has been hands-on and willing to step in and help resolve such issues effectively.

Continuing to grow with Telnyx

Telnyx has not only accelerated Weave's onboarding times but also enhanced their customers' experience when they first sign up with Weave. Heath added, "Telnyx has helped us be able to do porting for our customers more quickly and more reliably."

As Weave continues to innovate and expand, Telnyx remains a trusted partner in their journey, helping to facilitate their growth and improve their service offering. "Telnyx has been a great partner for Weave," concludes Heath, "and I see it continuing into the future."


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