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Ooma leverages Telnyx’s global network to streamline carrier operations, reduce costs, and lower latency. Ooma is a smart communications platform that serves more than one million core business and residential users. The company caters to businesses of all sizes with advanced voice and collaboration features that are fully flexible and scalable.

A global business deserves a global network

Serving businesses of all sizes, Ooma operates globally, with major hubs in Chicago, San Jose, Vancouver, Sydney, London, and more.

When evaluating providers, it wasn’t enough for a carrier to have infrastructure in a single location. They demanded a global network to extend their footprint and provide the best possible call quality to users.

Telnyx has physical points of presence in key locations around the world, and Ooma fully leverages this global network through AnchorSite™—a Telnyx feature that enables users to choose the location at which they want to anchor their call media. The benefit? Shorter network paths and consistently lower latency.

With Telnyx, we’re able to get coverage all over the world through one API and one point of contact,” said Dayton Turner, Ooma VP of Enterprise Product.

We knew through testing Telnyx had the technology and feature set we needed, but understanding the care that went into prioritizing network architecture made us confident we were making the right decision.We used several different carriers before Telnyx, but it was a huge headache to manage. From data limits, to billing, to having to switch SIMs as devices moved around to different parts of the world.

Why use four providers when you can use one?

Prior to switching to Telnyx, Ooma was using multiple providers for numbering, voice, and messaging services.

The problem was managing multiple relationships with different carriers, with different feature sets and APIs…or no APIs at all,” said Turner.

With Telnyx, Ooma was able to cut the number of providers down from four to one, streamlining carrier operations into one easily manageable relationship. And that means they’re not wasting valuable time and resources so they can “move faster, do a better job and spend less time doing it."

It’s no surprise that consolidating carriers has resulted in significant cost savings. By switching to Telnyx, Ooma has reduced costs by around 30%, meaning they can scale their business more efficiently and pass on the benefits to their users.

However, some of the added consolidation benefits were more surprising, including better quality reporting and easy access to features that were previously inaccessible or awkward to manage.

Having a dedicated carrier opened up new opportunities for us. We had to email our previous SMS provider’s customer support for numbers. We’re now fully integrated with the Telnyx API, which means our customers can search for, port, or buy numbers seamlessly via our portal—a much better overall experience.

Easy integration, scalability and support

To deliver a global, unified communications solution, Ooma needed deep integration with their provider, particularly for seamless number purchasing and fast porting. Using Telnyx APIs, they’re also able to take advantage of messaging, fax, caller ID, and LRN lookups.

On top of good network quality, Telnyx has the API, portal and documentation,” said Turner. “That means we can simply add features when we need to.

And it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of good support when it comes to voice services, which Turner gives a 10/10.

When we need something, Telnyx figures it out. That’s a nice peace of mind to have.

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