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In November 2022 the founders of echowin–the “Future ready AI platform”-- established their company. Soon they were seeking a voice provider to manage their telephony and infrastructure layer—enabling them to concentrate on developing their AI call management platform.

echowin empowers businesses of all sizes with an AI agent that can answer simultaneous calls 24/7, transcribe conversations, deliver valuable insights, and ultimately delight customers. In close collaboration with Telnyx, echowin has been able to build and scale their product, driving growth for both companies.

Searching for the right telephony partner

Instead of working with carriers like AT&T and building the telephony infrastructure from the ground up, echowin was looking for a partner to manage the complexity of voice technology. When deciding on a Voice API provider, echowin surveyed the market for “must-have” features—such as speech transcription—but their decision also hinged on the level of customer support.

“Telnyx gave us the impression of ‘We got you,’” said Kaushal Subedi, the Co-founder and CEO of echowin. “Telnyx is supportive of up and coming startups while other providers weren’t attentive unless we were an enterprise company.”

A partner with more than just tech

While exploring options from other providers, echowin chose Telnyx for its great technical offerings and supportive growth environment.

As an early-stage startup, we needed to make decisions quickly. Telnyx helped us do that”, mentioned Kaushal. The support from the Telnyx team helped them navigate through initial challenges and minor issues.

Moving to Telnyx was a smooth process for echowin. Starting in the self-service Mission Control Portal meant the team could get familiar with Telnyx’s APIs by themselves before needing additional help. The intuitive, user-friendly portal saved them time and was a breeze compared to other providers.

Even though echowin had built a proof-of-concept with another provider, they found testing and switching to Telnyx to be easy. With TeXML, Echowin was able to simply plug in their TwiML code, and it worked seamlessly. In just a few minutes, they were able to switch to Telnyx without having to change their code and start saving on voice costs.

Working with Telnyx

“We wanted a hands off solution where we didn’t have to worry about the base layer infrastructure so that we could focus on the application layer,” Kaushal said. The echowin team added that Telnyx provided all of their voice infrastructure—like SIP Trunking, speech to text (STT) transcription, Voice API and texting—needs in one platform. The Telnyx Mission Control Portal enabled the echowin team to manage these services themselves with practical debugging and reporting tools, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and service optimization.

AI and growth

With a foundation in innovative AI technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, echowin always prioritizes AI in its operations and plans. Seeing Telnyx also embrace AI with products like Inference, made the partnership even stronger.

“Everything at echowin involves AI,” Kaushal explained. “We’re early adopters of AI technology and seeing that Telnyx is embracing this too was awesome. We wanted a partner that was on the same page.”

Growing and adapting together

Working with Telnyx gave echowin a trustworthy infrastructure and saved them 40% in costs compared to other providers. The swift support and the all-in-one platform providing various services were crucial in helping them make quick and efficient business decisions.

With echowin growing its user base by more than 150% MoM and Telnyx continually improving and expanding its infrastructure offerings, the partnership is promising. echowin plans to add more features, like texting and chat, and more AI capabilities, like document searches, making Telnyx an essential part of this future journey. “Telnyx is the perfect partner to grow and scale with,” Kaushal said.

Navigating forward, this relationship between echowin and Telnyx paves the way for a future where communication and AI capabilities converge to bring innovative business solutions.


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