Voice API pricing for Ireland

Get pricing for the most flexible and feature-packed Voice API available in Ireland. Pay as you go or get discounts as you scale in Ireland.

Volume-based pricing

Get set up on a contract, and receive discounted pricing the more calls you make and receive.

Pay as you go

Pay per minute. You're only charged for what you use—nothing more.

Make outbound calls$0.002 per minute + the SIP Trunking fee for outbound calls
Receive inbound calls
Local number$0.002 per minute + the SIP Trunking fee for inbound calls
Toll-free number$0.002 per minute + the SIP Trunking fee for inbound calls
Optional features
Call recording$0.002 per minute
Call recording storage$0 per minute
Conference calls$0.002 per participant, per minute
SIP interface
$0.002 per minute
Call transfer$0.1 per invocation
Browser/app calling
$0.002 per minute
Secure media
Standard answering machine detection$0.002 per call
Premium answering machine detection$0.0065 per call
Telnyx speech-to-text transcription$0.025 per minute
Google speech-to-text transcription$0.05 per minute
Text-to-speech$0.000006 per character
Noise Suppression$0.002 per leg per minute
Media Streaming over WebSockets$0.0035 per minute
Decrypted Forking$0.0025 per minute

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Volume-based pricing

Telnyx offers discounts in exchange for monthly commitments as you scale.

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    Get set up on a contract with predictable monthly payments.

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    Discounted rate

    Receive a discounted rate with the more you spend instead of our pay-as-you-go rates.

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    24/7 support

    Free 24/7 support as well as a customer success manager dedicated to helping you.

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Telnyx Voice API calls utilize Telnyx Elastic SIP Trunks. By the nature of SIP Trunking, all calls are local calls, so you'll always be charged the local rate for dialing local prefix numbers, no matter where they are in the world. You can find the most up-to-date local cost rates for every country by selecting it in the drop-down box at the top of this very page.