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Calls are billed in 6-second increments, so you only pay for what you use.

Pay-as-you-go Elastic SIP Trunking Pricing

Call Type
Make Outbound Calls
Receive Inbound Calls
Local Calls
... / minute
... / minute
Toll-Free Calls
... / minute

Pricing for outbound conversational traffic.
Create an account to view tiered volume discounts

Want lower outbound destination pricing? Talk to our pricing experts to learn more about per-destination tariffed billing, direct routing, high-volume/short-duration traffic, and more.

Inbound Channel Pricing

Each channel supports one concurrent call. Channels can be shared across multiple phone numbers. Calls per second (CPS) pricing also available with committed use. Contact our experts to learn more.

Unlimited Minutes
Starting at
... / month

Intelligent Voice Feature Pricing

Unlimited Call Concurrency
Support virtually unlimited concurrent inbound calls
Secure Trunking
Encrypt signaling with TLS and media with SRTP or ZRTP, and route calls over our private network.
T.38 Fax Support
Transmit T.38 fax at our standard conversational voice rates.
... / page + minutes for transmission
Call Recording
... / minute
24/7 NOC Support
Other providers put their premium support behind a minimum-spend paywall.
Free No minimum spend requirements

Pay-as-you-go Phone Number Pricing

Local Numbers
Starting at
... / month
Toll-Free Numbers
Starting at
... / month

Search our extensive number directory of over 60 countries and 13,000+ US rate centers. Learn more.

Intelligent Number Services Pricing

Port-in Numbers
Get real-time CSR validation and on-demand number activation with FastPort®.
Emergency Calling
Enable in-plan calls to emergency numbers.
... / monthly per number
Call Forwarding
... / number
Display your caller ID name so your customers know who’s calling.
... / number

Custom volume pricing

Telnyx offers greater discounts as you scale, or when you're ready to commit to monthly usage.

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