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Yes, IoT SIM card pricing is typically more cost-efficient than regular SIM pricing because IoT SIM plans are catered to the specific needs of IoT devices and applications. First, IoT SIMs tend to have far lower data requirements than regular consumer SIM data plans. Businesses also require the ability to share data plans across multiple devices in order to maintain cost efficiencies, while still allowing for variable data usage among a group of devices and SIMs.

Some providers lock users into a data plan and then charge a fee per MB over the cap. Telnyx pricing is much more simple, and there are no hidden costs. There’s no need to commit to a data cap per month, you’ll simply be charged a flat rate for IoT data, depending on your location. You can check out our billing zones here.

Telnyx doesn’t require you to commit to a specific monthly IoT data plan, you can simply pay-as-you-go. You’ll be charged $2 per active SIM (monthly recurring cost) and then you’ll pay for data usage per MB on a flat rate that depends on location. You can take a look at IoT pricing in our Developer Docs for more details.

Absolutely. Telnyx IoT SIM cards are all pay-as-you-go for data. There is a monthly recurring charge of $2 for active SIM cards, and then you simply pay for the data you use. Also, if SIMs are inactive, you’re free to hibernate them and reduce the monthly cost to $0.20 per SIM until it’s needed again.

You can find the zone breakdown for IoT data pricing here in our Developer Docs.

Absolutely. Telnyx makes it easy to manage IoT SIMs across the whole lifecycle in the most cost-efficient way possible. Hibernate SIMs in our Portal or using this API endpoint. Once SIMs are de-activated, the monthly cost will be reduced from $2 to $0.20. You can re-activate them as needed.

Yes. Please get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your unique requirements.

Telnyx offers highly competitive rates on data. The best way to compare is to look at the effective prices per megabyte of data. In the US, for example, Telnyx offers a flat rate of $0.01/MB, whereas the Hologram Flexible data plan rate is $0.40/MB and Twilio’s PAYG plan rate is $0.1000/MB.

For more info, check out our detailed comparison of Telnyx v Hologram pricing.

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