IoT fleet management with end-to-end visibility across every journey.

Connect and monitor your entire fleet via a single, easy-to-use platform.
iot fleet management

How Telnyx’s Fleet Management System Works

Telnyx IoT SIMs offer globally connectivity, with a wide range of device compatibility. Our self service portal makes it easy to purchase, register, and configure your SIMs so that you can integrate your IoT-enabled devices with existing enterprise and supply chain applications. Connect your vehicles to one another and to the cloud to get your IoT fleet management system up and running, and capture valuable information to improve efficiency and lower costs for your fleet.

Seamless door-to-door connectivity.

Telnyx SIMs connect to the best available network using 2G/3G/LTE/CatM1 on over 200 carriers globally, with automatic carrier switching for uninterrupted connectivity, guaranteed.

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Global IoT fleet tracking made simple.

  • Monitor SIMs in real-time with an easy-to-use self-service platform.
  • Access detailed data for granular insight into SIM location, usage, and behavior.
  • Integrate with your existing fleet management software with full configurability via our RESTful API.

Scale freely knowing you’ll only ever pay for the data you use.

Activate, change, or pause plans anytime. There’s no need for a long-term commitment, and there are no sneaky hidden charges.

Plus, you can activate or hibernate devices on-demand to reduce costs while devices aren’t being used.

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Boost fleet efficiency and safety with IoT connectivity.

  • GPS fleet tracking

    Track the location of your vehicles with live GPS, optimizing routes, and sending automated alerts for more efficient, trusted services.
  • Safety and dash cams

    Improve safety with driver behavior sensors and on-board cameras to detect incidents and provide preventative in-cab alerts.
  • Fuel monitoring

    Monitor fuel usage across your entire fleet, proactively identifying inefficiencies to reduce overall fuel spend.
  • Predictive fleet maintenance

    Identify bottlenecks before they occur, measuring and analyzing truck performance to predict and avoid costly breakdowns.

Scalable IoT connectivity for fleet management.

Frequently Asked Questions

IoT in fleet management allows fleet operators to automate and optimize processes in order to improve efficiency and safety -- while at the same time reducing costs.

IoT sensors and devices can track fleet locations in real-time, monitor driver behavior, fuel consumption, fleet utilization, and more. This live data can be used to optimize routes, provide instant alerts, reduce fuel spend, and avoid costly vehicle breakdowns.

IoT solutions in fleet management are aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Predictive maintenance avoids vehicle downtime and improves safety.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring improves utilization and helps companies reduce Co2 emissions.
  • Driver monitoring can proactively reduce incidents.
  • GPS monitoring and geofence alerts can improve the quality of service operators provide to their customers, with more accurate delivery times.

Some of the most commonly used IoT solutions or devices for fleet management include:

  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Geofence alerts
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Safety sensors and dash cams
  • Predictive fleet maintenance
  • In-cab WiFi hotspots

According to Markets and Markets, the IoT fleet management market will be worth $8.28B USD by 2021.

Key factors driving the growth of the IoT fleet management market are; increased demand for optimized business operations, and a growing government mandate for improved fleet safety.

To get started, simply order a SIM card via the Telnyx Mission Control portal. Once you receive your SIM, follow the instructions to activate it. You can also get in touch with our team of experts anytime with specific questions about your logistics IoT integration.

Yes, we do! With Telnyx, you can group SIM cards by customer, manufacturing facility, warehouse location, or as needed and manage them in bulk. You can find more info on this in our Developer Center.

API reference documentation can be found in the Telnyx Developer Center.

Telnyx charges $1 per SIM card (plus shipping) and then $2 per active SIM per month. You can find more detailed information about Wireless pricing, including data charges here, or to find out more about discounts for bulk orders, please get in touch.