Embeddable Communication

Programmable Messaging

Messaging has gone universal, and it’s a fast and easy way to connect. It just got a whole lot better with an SMS API featuring high deliverability and low latency.

Wide Reach

Up to 80% of the population can be reached by SMS, granting it a wider reach than advertising, social networks or email.

High Deliverability

Built for critical messaging, Telnyx boasts the highest delivery rate in the industry with open rates up to 98%.

Ease of Use

Text messaging is straightforward and conversational, which can lower barriers for users that you’re trying to engage.

Reach Any SMS-Enabled Number in the US and Canada

Reduce the process of finding and buying numbers to seconds, executed through our self-service portal or the Telnyx API. Don’t forget Telnyx now supports SMS-enabled toll-free numbers as well. For off-net or international messaging, reach out to our sales team.

SMS-Enabled Numbers at Unbeatable Rates

Don’t be afraid to scale your SMS operation. Telnyx has one of the best wholesale messaging rates in the industry, starting at $.0045/outbound message before volume-based discounts. What’s more? Enjoy FREE inbound rates on any long code messages.Get more by paying less, because our messaging service is backed up by our private, global infrastructure and Tier-1 carrier connections with 99.999% uptime guaranteed. It doesn’t get better than the most reliable service at the lowest cost.

Critical Communications

Reach users where you know they are.
2-Factor Authentication

Provide extra added security for your users when they sign up for your services.

Business Alerts

Time-sensitive notifications like bill alerts and delivery notifications.

Marketing and Sales

Create urgency for your latest campaign with promos and special offers.

Developer-Tested APIs

From our developers to yours, Telnyx offers a programmable messaging API that works. Build high-quality messaging capabilities into your apps, from setting up SMS-capable phone numbers to creating messaging profiles for different campaigns and use cases. Simple setup with high deliverability—this is messaging done right.
curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: application/json" --header "x-profile-secret: GR4qzMVxexrbnx1uExSzsmzZ" -d '{
  "from": "+18575550001",
  "to": "+18575550002",
  "body": "Hello from our Boston Call Center!"
}' "https://sms.telnyx.com/messages"

Programmable SMS Features

Messaging Profiles

Manage and segment campaigns and phone numbers with Messaging Profiles—found in Mission Control.

Provision Numbers

Send messages from one number or a hundred—provisioning SMS numbers through the portal is fast and easy.

SMS Records

Easily view your Message Detail Records in real-time to analyze data and make smart business decisions.


Enable signature generation to verify that webhook requests are coming from Telnyx whenever you receive a text.

Private Network

A private backbone that supports our SMS API means messages with high deliverability rates every time.

Global Reach

Telnyx maintains cross connects at multiple internet hubs around the world.

Enhanced Security

End-to-end TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption over fast, private connections.

24/7 Service

Our support engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

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