Enable SMS for customer service with the Telnyx Messaging API

Better Experiences with SMS Customer Service and Support

Increase Customer Satisfaction via SMS

SMS text messages are a critical part of the customer experience. However, if your text messages are not properly integrated with your customer support tools and phone numbers, it can hurt overall customer satisfaction. Our award-winning Messaging API allows you to easily integrate SMS into your customer experience.

Get a customer service SMS ready phone number

Get Telnyx phone numbers from the Mission Control Portal or Numbers API that are enabled for text messages. You can choose from long code, short code, toll-free or international numbers. With hosted SMS, you can also bring your existing customer support numbers onto our platform.

Connect your Customer Service SMS application to our Messaging API

Send or receive any type of text messages or MMS messages via our Messaging API- from any phone number that you purchased or ported. Many companies even use toll-free customer support numbers to send/receive messages, leading to a simpler customer experience and happy customers.

Receive text messages and respond accordingly

Acknowledge your customer support query automatically or via an agent. Respond via SMS, or using our Voice or SIP APIs set up a call and work with your customers in real time. All through one platform that's built with compliance and customer satisfaction in mind.


Customer Service SMS functionality with Telnyx

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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently Asked Questions about SMS for Customer Service

This depends on the specific content of the message and the country you're in. In general we recommend some kind of opt-in or guidance that a customer may be contacted via SMS before sending them customer support messages. We also recommend allowing customers to opt-out via texting a single stop-word - with Telnyx, this is built in automatically.

By connecting to the Telnyx Messaging API, you can integrate SMS with your customer support tools to provide SMS support, collect customer feedback and more.

Customer service SMS can help improve customer satisfaction by allowing them another way of interacting with you beyond email and phone calls. Its particularly helpful for urgent notifications or collecting customer feedback.

While our Messaging API works for SMS and MMS, we do have a WhatsApp API.