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SMS marketing

People on subway receive sms marketing alerts

Add SMS to your marketing without delivery issues

SMS marketing software is complicated enough to build without worrying about compliance, delivery and throughput. Today's SMS campaign marketers increasingly need to consider regulations, distribution and volume limits. Our award-winning Messaging API and expert team are designed to get you the best results from your SMS marketing software while remaining easy to work with.


An API built for mega scale

Scale from tens to millions with our flexible, scalable, developer-friendly API.


Billions of messages sent via the Telnyx API

Reduce costs without reducing results

Through our commitment to value through optimization, our platform and team ensure you get a great deal without sacrificing performance.


Average savings on messaging costs

How It Works
  1. 1

    Purchase or port an SMS/MMS capable number

    Set up a Telnyx account, purchase required phone numbers and complete any required registrations via self-service Mission Control portal or the registration APIs.

  2. 2

    Build your SMS/MMS marketing application(s)

    Build out your SMS marketing service, test mass SMS sends or simply integrate with your existing SMS marketing software.

  3. 3

    Test your messages before actually sending

    Test sending at small scale. Use our reports and debugging tool to iron out any issues. If you still get stuck, work with our expert support team at no extra charge.

  4. 4

    Scale your marketing to millions

    Telnyx’s billion-scale API with built-in automated compliance can help you reach massive volumes without compromising deliverability or your reputation.


Popular Telnyx offerings for SMS / MMS Marketing

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    Messaging API documentation

    Telnyx’s Messaging API supports SMS messages and MMS from 10DLC, short code, toll free numbers, mobile, alphanumeric and more.

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    Complete guide to compliant SMS marketing campaigns

    Compliance for SMS marketing is a major concern for today’s marketers. This article outlines some of the requirements for compliance when conducting SMS campaigns.

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    Complete guide to political SMS campaigns

    SMS marketing campaigns for political purposes incorporate some of the most innovative and dynamic marketing strategies used in high volume messaging.


SMS marketing is sending a large number of promotional messages to mobile phones from an organization (typically a private company, including corporations and small businesses).