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SMS marketing platforms are complicated enough to build without worrying about compliance, delivery and throughput. Today's SMS campaign marketers need to increasingly consider regulations, distribution and volume limits. Our award-winning Messaging API and expert team are designed to get you the best results from your SMS marketing software whilst remaining easy to work with.

Build an SMS marketing service using our API or connect an existing one

Set up a Telnyx account, purchase required phone numbers and complete any required registrations by working in our self-service Mission Control portal. Work closely with our acclaimed expert support team to iron out any issues for high-volume projects. Build out your SMS marketing service, test mass SMS sends or simply integrate with your existing SMS marketing software.


Inbuilt logic and expert support to ensure SMS campaigns achieve volume and delivery goals

From simple things like removing anyone on your contact list who replied “STOP” to more complex concerns such as ensuring you complete appropriate phone number registrations to send promotional messages - our Messaging API for SMS marketing platforms and expert team are dedicated to ensuring your mass SMS sends go smoothly.


Flexible, singular, easy-to-use Messaging API

Telnyx’s award-winning, flexible Messaging API can act as an all-in-one SMS marketing service for your MMS and text message marketing campaigns, or as a foundation for your own SMS marketing platform. All supported number types, content formats and destinations are managed from one place.


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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts


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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is sending a large number of promotional messages to mobile phones from an organization (typically a private company, including corporate and small business).

Yes, it is extremely effective. Currently SMS is one of the most effective marketing channels with an open rate of over 90% and a click rate that exceeds popular alternatives by 4x.

Typically a marketer will create a contact list (compliant with relevant privacy and opt-in rules of course), build a short promotional message and send out at least one mass SMS.

By using Telnyx’s set-and-forget messaging API, you can send SMS messages around the world. consumers to those owned by small businesses. All it takes is creating an account and connecting your application. Refer to our documentation for more info.

SMS price varies based on use case. You can find out more on our pricing page.

We allow customers to purchase SMS-capable numbers for their SMS campaigns via the Mission Control Portal. If you aren't sure about which number type to use to ensure delivery, talk to us.

Yes - Telnyx Messaging API is a RESTful API that supports calls from any type of application.

Many resellers and SaaS providers send SMS through Telnyx. Campaigns are sent via the Telnyx Messaging API to hundreds of millions of mobile phones around the world.

A bulk SMS gateway is a service which allows users to send large amounts of SMS messages in near real-time. Telnyx’s service is done via our Messaging API, which then attempts to deliver the messages via the most reliable, fastest and commercially viable route to the target audience’s mobile phones.