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Finding the right partners for your business is a crucial step to ensure a successful path to growth. For Hunter Lamirande—founder of Point Blank Political—choosing the right SMS provider meant ticking several important boxes, especially when it came to building their P2P texting platform.

Pass on the savings

As a full-service political consulting firm that works with candidates and campaigns of all shapes and sizes, Point Blank Political needed a partner that would enable them to pass on savings to their customers.

“Peer-to-peer texting is a huge thing for political messaging. I started looking at Twilio because they were a big name, but they were just overpriced. I wanted to be able to charge my clients a reasonable price for the services we offer to them,” said Hunter.

Partnering with Telnyx meant maintaining low operational costs. Hunter believes they’re realizing SMS savings of as much as 73% because they went with Telnyx instead of Twilio. Unlike Twilio, Telnyx is a true carrier that doesn’t rely on middlemen for core communications functionality.

Achieve high deliverability

With the majority of politicians coming to Point Blank Political for its P2P texting services, Hunter needed to be sure that he would be partnering with a provider offering unmatched deliverability.

“Our message deliverability rate was over 90% for 2019,” Mr. Lamirande said. “And, when each sender is sending over 3,500 messages an hour, we want to be able to show future prospects who aren’t using Point Blank Political that we provide a quality service versus our competitors that are only delivering 75-80%,” he added.

Get white glove support

Customer support for Point Blank Political is simply invaluable due to the nature of their work. “I try to be available to my clients as much as I can because a lot of them have full-time jobs—they’re business owners, mothers, fathers. They have real lives outside of their political campaigns, and I try to cater to that,” said Hunter.

“I initially was very concerned about going with a Twilio competitor when it comes to deliverability and customer support, but the fact that Telnyx has a NOC team that offers free support outside of regular business hours is very helpful, so if anything does come up, they’re there to help,” he added.

What's in store for Point Blank Political and Telnyx?

Any SMS and voice platform deserves a reliable carrier, and Telnyx continues to prove itself to Point Blank Political, strengthening the partnership along the way.

“We have the ability to offer our services at scale through Telnyx, enabling our clients to reach their voters by the masses and successfully deliver a message at the push of a button. Telnyx works closely with us, making sure we're always connected and ready to send,” Hunter said.

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