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Take your business to the next level with custom vanity numbers that are easy to order, activate and market.
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Global toll-free voice services

Easy Setup

Easily search, activate and forward toll-free numbers for voice and SMS in Mission Control.

Huge Inventory

Search millions of phone numbers for vanity phrases and repeating digits.

No Contracts

Leverage next-gen solutions at wholesale rates, without getting locked into a contract.

Self Service

Use our Portal or Numbers API for advanced search and configuration features.


Submit numbers in bulk with real-time CSR validation for faster, easier number porting.

Port Internationally

We support international toll-free number porting in over 50 countries.


SMS-enable your toll-free numbers for seamless communications.

24/7 Support

Our in-house engineers are available around the clock, with no minimum spend required.
May 18, 2021
"I can purchase and configure everything I need myself in minutes. The online support chat is outstanding too. I can get my questions answered immediately."
Clint R.
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How to Get a Toll-Free Number with Telnyx

Finding the numbers you want has never been easier in our self-service Mission Control Portal:

  • Search by country, area code, phrase or numbers.
  • Use advanced search features to determine phrase or number placement.
  • Set up trailing digits for your phrase or number.
  • Port local or international numbers.
  • Search based on the intended use: voice, fax, SMS or MMS.

Competitive and transparent pricing

Without call forwarding

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.../per minute

With call forwarding

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Choose Telnyx for crystal-clear calls, every time.

  • High Deliverability
    Telnyx is an enterprise-grade carrier with our own private backbone.
  • Massive Number Inventory
    Get complete flexibility when choosing area codes and numbers.
  • Granular Control
    Configure and customize your numbers in real time using our Mission Control Portal.
  • Fair and Transparent Pricing
    We offer pay-as-you-go pricing with automatic volume and commitment discounts.
  • Unparalleled 24/7 Support
    Our team of in-house engineers is available around the clock.

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Frequently Asked Toll-Free Number Questions

Usually purchased by businesses, toll-free numbers have a distinct three-digit code that allows customers to place calls from landlines without incurring any charges. Instead, the incoming calls are paid for by the owner of the phone number.

With an unlimited calling plan, toll-free numbers are still free for mobile phone users. However, wireless callers without unlimited calling plans will still be charged for minutes used.

There are international toll-free numbers that will allow customers to call from anywhere around the world for free. That being said, dialing a toll-free number from abroad can get expensive if the number owner isn’t using an international toll-free service provider.

Toll-free numbers aren’t just limited to 800 codes. In fact, toll-free numbers can also begin with 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. Keep in mind, the three-digit codes are not interchangeable, so make sure you are dialing the right toll-free code.

The cost of a toll-free number may vary. Sign up with Telnyx, and enjoy the most competitive pricing for toll-free numbers.