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Fortify toll-free service while lowering costs on your most important, branded numbers.

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Your Premier Toll-Free Provider

Looking for the right number for your business needs? We’ve built our toll-free service by establishing relationships with other carriers and navigating the regulatory environment, so you don’t have to. That upfront investment created the industry’s most robust toll-free service, and it gave us the leverage in the toll-free market to offer the most competitive rates.

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RespOrg Routing Control

Telnyx is a federally recognized, independent RespOrg. RespOrgs maintain toll-free registry and control their routing configuration. Combined with direct connections with major carriers, Telnyx employs Least Cost Routing strategies to lower costs and automated disaster recovery to avoid downtime.

Unified Numbering

One provider, one unified numbering solution.
International Coverage

Procure international toll-frees in over 70 countries, and local and national numbers in over 60.

Toll-Free SMS

Don’t limit your customer conversations to only voice. Text customers from your branded number.

Direct Number Resource

We work with local and international regulators to provide you with robust global DIDs.

Toll-Free Features

Routing Control

As a RespOrg, Telnyx can support unique or bespoke toll-free routing needs.

Automated Failover

Configure failing connections to automatically attempt a secondary IP connection or another number as a last effort.

TFN Forwarding

You don’t need a PBX. Calls to Telnyx toll-free numbers can be auto-forwarded to your existing lines.

Number Tagging

Use number tagging functionality for advanced real-time reporting.

Number Search

Embeddable access to global DIDs and any available toll-free number.

Automated Porting

FastPort routes porting requests automatically with unprecedented visibility.

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