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Easily build a customer notifications system

Today’s customer experience should work seamlessly across mobile apps and web, in near real-time fashion. Many customers prefer to receive—and may even pay extra for—text message status updates, appointment reminders and more. Integrating such functionality into your customer experience can be unwieldy, especially if not all your customers have your mobile app. With Telnyx, setting up SMS functionality can be done in as little as 30 minutes.


Developer-friendly, scalable SMS API

Among SMS API providers, Telnyx consistently wins awards for its results and ease-of-use. We take care of the details as you scale, so you don’t have to.


Ranked API for Results and Ease of Use by G2

Reduce costs without reducing results

Through our commitment to value through optimization, our platform and team ensure you get a great deal without sacrificing performance.


Typical savings on messaging costs

How It Works
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    Build logic into your application

    Set up triggers in your application to send account-related notifications at specific times or based on specific events, such as a status update on a package. Connect these to the set-and-forget Telnyx Messaging API.

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    Your app tells Telnyx to send an alert

    Based on your logic, Telnyx will trigger a text message notification to your customer. This could be anything from appointment reminders to customer notices.

  3. 3

    Capture all your customer responses

    With 2-way SMS numbers, customers can respond by replying to the SMS with whatever logic you like, for example a “Y” to confirm attendance of an appointment. This allows you to manage the customer experience beyond mobile apps, push or web notifications.

  4. 4

    Reply as needed and when needed

    You can reply to a customer as you see fit via the Messaging API. You can even port or host an existing customer service number for a fully integrated customer experience.


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    Want to work with your existing customer service number, to improve customer experience? Learn how to port over an existing customer service number for client notifications.

Ready to build something incredible?

By using the Telnyx Messaging API, you can set and forget automated account notifications, receive replies from customers and more.