Alphanumeric Sender IDs

Global, recognizable custom alphanumeric sender IDs for 1-way SMS, sent via the Telnyx Messaging API.

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Build a brand with alphanumeric sender IDs

Improve trust with highly recognizable and customizable Alphanumeric Sender IDs. Use almost any combination of letters and characters to promote your brand around the world at high volume. Get all of this via the award-winning Telnyx Messaging API.


Custom, recognizable, global alphanumeric sender IDs

Send SMS with Alphanumeric Sender ID via Telnyx so that your customers receive messages from a memorable, global brand at high volume.

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    Memorable sender IDs

    Improve trust and create a consistent customer experience with sender IDs that match your brand.

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    Go global with one brand

    Ensure brand consistency by sending to customers worldwide from your own tailored sender IDs to over 200 country codes.

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    High volume

    Alphanumeric sender IDs allow for tens of thousands of messages per minute, so scaling isn’t an issue.

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    Protect your security and enable signature generation to verify Telnyx webhook requests.

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    Message concatenation

    If a SMS that was sent via the Messaging API is too long for its destination, the Telnyx messaging API will automatically separate it into two messages.

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    Intelligent message encoding

    We support any character set and language type. Our system automatically chooses the most compact encoding possible, minimizing cost per send.


True global reach

Telnyx supports all major country codes for alphanumeric SMS. Our built-for-scale platform and expert team can help


Supported country codes

Developer-friendly, scalable API

Among SMS API providers, Telnyx consistently wins awards for its results and ease-of-use. We take care of the details as you scale, so you don’t have to.


Ranked API for results and ease of use

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Our code is your code.

curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
  --data '{
    "from": "Telnyx",
    "to": "+13115552367",
    "text": "Hello, world!",
    "messaging_profile_id": "YOUR_MESSAGING_PROFILE_ID"
  }' \
  • Icon Resources Docs

    DevDocs: Sending with alphanumeric

    Read our developer documentation on how to send via our Messaging API with an alphanumeric sender ID.

  • Icon Resources Article

    Country support for global alphanumeric messaging

    Read our support article on which country codes support alphanumeric sender IDs and learn whether or not registration is required.

Alphanumeric Sender ID pricing

Our team is committed to providing you with competitive rates, including contracted commitment discounts for large volumes.

Starting at:


per message

Alphanumeric sender ID use cases


Getting started is simple. Start by setting up a free Telnyx account, getting Level 2 verification, and following the Alphanumeric Setup Guide for our SMS API. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you get the answers you need.