Elastic SIP Trunking

With a reliable, private backbone and Tier 1 interconnects with all major carriers, you’ll be certain that calls are crystal clear. Low latency, jitter and little packet loss—that’s our promise.

Fantastic ElasticTelnyx’s elastic SIP trunking scales on demand, allowing you to instantly provision voice connectivity through an easy-to-use platform and API.
Unlimited CapacityTelnyx SIP trunks provide real-world dynamic capacity, so you can either scale concurrent call paths to meet your needs or choose to go metered for no-limits.
Global PresenceThe Telnyx global backbone has Tier 1 interconnects and points-of-presence at major internet hubs around the world. We can intelligently route your call to find the optimal path or you can pick your preferred PoP.

Modern SIP in Clicks

Telnyx SIP trunking is built on a highly available, private, redundant architecture with optional end-to-end encryption, and spinning up new connections is only a few clicks away in our Mission Control self-service portal. For integrated systems, the Telnyx API spins up a new connection automatically with the same advanced configurability offered in Mission Control. The complexity and configurability of the Telnyx engine is hidden behind one simple endpoint: sip.telnyx.com. Our infrastructure does the heavy lifting while you control it with a point and click.

Phone Numbers That Matter to You

Gain access to local, international and toll-free phone numbers in over 20,000 rate centers in North America and over 60 countries. Our footprint's huge!

Elastic SIP Trunking Features

Number Search

Find the numbers you need through our self-service portal or RESTful API.

Automated Porting

FastPort routes porting requests automatically with unprecedented visibility.

Number Tagging

Tag numbers to enable fine-grained report filtering.

Caller Name

Set the name you want displayed when you make calls and enable Call Name display for incoming calls.

Bespoke Architecture

Choose a platform purpose-built for next-generation communications.

Enhanced Security

End-to-end TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption over a fast, private network.

Global Reach

Points-of-presence at multiple internet hubs around the world.

High Availability

99.999% uptime, guaranteed.

The SIP service is incredibly reliable. I had a client once tell me that if they had the ability to control phone service like me, they would 'rule the world.'

Jill M.
President, North Main Systems

Mission Control Portal

The Telnyx CPaaS is entirely self-service, either via our API or the user portal we built on top of that API—Mission Control. The platform includes configuration options like:
  • Establish connectivity via IP address, FQDN, or user credentials
  • Anchoring call media to a specific PoP via AnchorSite®
  • SIP transport protocol (UDP, TCP, TLS)
  • Declaring a specific number format
  • Specify which audio or video codec to use to stream your call media, including OPUS or H.264
  • SIP flow ladders to debug faulty connections
Exercise total control over your communications when you choose Telnyx.
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Telephony Engine

The Telnyx architecture was built from the ground up to minimize latency and deliver high-quality call experiences.

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