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Telnyx Video API powers programmable, customizable and scalable video experiences on a private, global network.

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Telnyx Video API

A video API is an application programming interface that enables the delivery of video-based content over the internet, enabling organizations to build high-quality, personalized video experiences into their applications. APIs allow businesses to take complete control of their customer experience–with video embedded directly into websites and applications with custom layouts and branding.


Programmable video features for a superior UX

Unlike out-of-the box solutions, the Telnyx Video API allows you to choose what features you want to integrate into your video app for a completely custom experience.

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    Screen sharing

    A picture paints a thousand words so why not enhance remote collaboration by showing the rest of the room what you see?

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    Call recording

    Enable call recording on each video leg to review your meeting later or share with other team members.

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    PSTN dial-in

    Dial-in to a room from the PSTN so those without internet connection can also be part of the discussion.

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    Speaker detection

    Programmatically detect the dominant speaker in a meeting or session for easy spotlighting and layout control.

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    Video chat API

    Enrich your conversations by sending links or insightful messages to meeting participants.

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    Participants API

    Programmatically control what participants to add, remove and mute in your Video room.


High quality audio and video

Securely host your video calls on Telnyx’s private IP network to ensure the resiliency that mission-critical communications require.


Global PoPs for unmatched quality

Custom video at your fingertips

Choose to get started in the portal with our pre-built UI or start building your custom solution from day 1 with our SDKs.


Ways to get started

Video API example in Telnyx dashboard

Start building

Our code is your code.

curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" \
  --data '{"enable_recording":true,"max_participants":10}' \
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    Address the unique needs of your business with Telnyx Video API for personalized, cost-effective, high-quality experiences.

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    What to consider before building a telehealth solution

    Video APIs allow telehealth providers to integrate programmable video, voice and SMS into their existing platforms. So what should you look for in a provider?

High quality doesn't mean high cost

Say goodbye to costly contracts, and hello to pay-as-you-go. Our Video API pricing starts at $0.002, and you only pay for the features you use.

Starting At:


Per participant, per minute

Build with Telnyx Video API to connect with ease


Video API stands for Video Application Programming Interface. Video APIs allow developers to create, store and deliver video experience through the internet.