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Telnyx Video API offers a personalized, cost-effective, high-quality experience over out-of-the-box solutions.

Video Chat with Messaging

Video isn’t just for catching up with friends and family or holding the occasional work meeting. It’s an integral part of our personal and professional lives—so integral that 90% of companies are expected to invest in video conferencing this year alone.

Out-of-the-box (OOTB) solutions dominate the video conferencing market. While they’re fast to integrate and intuitive to use, they often don’t address the unique needs of individual companies. As remote opportunities increase, video rooms have become the new office. Your office doesn't look the same as everyone else's—why should your video app?

Video APIs can offer personalized, cost-effective, high-quality alternatives to commercial solutions. Below we’ll look at the drawbacks of OOTB software and how businesses can consolidate their communication channels with a video API.

Drawbacks of OOTB solutions

Limited control

OOTB video conferencing solutions are known for their ease of use, deployment and licensing options, and innovation efforts. Though these are significant advantages, OOTB products offer limited control and often take users outside of business ecosystems to third-party websites or apps.

Lack of customization and control is a substantial issue because according to Epsilon, 80% of people are more inclined to do business with a company that offers more personalized experiences. In addition, 40% of executives link personalization to maximizing sales.

To deliver experiences that drive revenue and customize video environments based on user preferences, businesses must look beyond OOTB solutions.


Using a third-party video software often means businesses end up paying for features they don’t use. OOTB solutions typically offer a per-user or per-host pricing model that guarantees additional features at higher price points. This pricing model doesn’t consider usage, which poses an issue to companies who require simple meeting solutions and end up with unnecessary features and related costs.

Quality issues

OOTB video solutions may present quality issues such as network latency, lag, and packet loss. These issues can disrupt meetings, resulting in productivity loss, frustrated employees, and video fatigue.

As more of our interactions move online, privacy and security have become increasingly important. Many meeting solution vendors deliver services from a mainly public cloud infrastructure, making them prone to network attacks and vulnerabilities. Users typically have no insight into application failures and face difficulty connecting with support teams. This makes it challenging for OOTB software customers to troubleshoot and apply quality control techniques.

Benefits of Video APIs

Customized meeting solutions that are tailored to your needs

Video APIs allow businesses to design custom meeting environments and have complete insight into the application. Unlike off-the-shelf video apps, video APIs offer control over every step of your video experience—including custom layouts, chat functions, participant management, and more.

Whether you’re a telehealth platform seeking speech-to-text features or a remote company looking for a scalable, efficient conferencing solution, video APIs allow companies to personalize and elevate the user experience.

Video APIs also enable seamless collaboration and facilitate smooth communication between teams. They can integrate easily into existing apps or browsers without third-party apps or websites, making them powerful OOTB alternatives.

Pay only for the video features you use

Unlike OOTB meeting solutions, with video APIs like Telnyx’s, you only pay for usage, and pricing is based on features used rather than per-host or user. A good video API will also integrate easily, minimizing development costs and turnaround times.

Quality control with a complete view of where your issues lie

Another benefit of video conferencing APIs is users have access to high-quality video and voice, with full transparency on call quality issues. With Telnyx, customers can view issues within their app via Telnyx’s Mission Control Portal. If additional support is required, companies get access to development and support teams for detailed troubleshooting.

One provider, all your communications

Leading providers offer video as part of a suite of communications tools including messaging and voice, making it easy to consolidate all your communication channels onto a single platform. The right video API provider will maximize your interoperability, allowing you to move easily between channels without purchasing new licenses for each use case.

The Telnyx Video API enables users to build and integrate reliable video experiences with customizable solutions. Thanks to our private IP network, Telnyx provides the highest quality voice and video, and a secure, high-speed connection between you and participants.

Try the Telnyx Video API

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By Michelle Bonsu

Michelle is one of our product marketing managers here at Telnyx.

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