Run your comms and data on a private cloud highway.

Supercharge your communications and data transfer with private direct connections to our network from every major cloud provider.
Run your comms and data on a private cloud highway. image

Build Next-Gen Comms with Software-Defined Networking

Build and deploy private, direct connections with all major cloud providers.

Virtual Cross Connect Features

  • Connect to our private IP network

    Host your PBX on a cloud provider and connect it directly to your closest Telnyx PoP for crystal clear call quality, super-low latency, and the ultimate in private network security.

  • Build distributed infrastructure instantly

    Build secure, high-quality, direct connections to our global network from disparate cloud environments across the globe, without investing in dedicated infrastructure.

  • Scale your applications with super-low latency

    Eliminate latency in your voice and SMS applications and scale with confidence, knowing that your traffic takes the most direct, high-quality route to customers.

Super-Low Latency

Super-Low Latency

Replicant reduced latency by 66% leveraging a Virtual Cross Connect for their conversational AI application.

Unlock the Power of a Global, Private, Multi-Cloud Network

More points of presence give you lower latency anywhere on earth. Multi-cloud architecture provides peace-of-mind redundancy and uptime.



Spin up Virtual Cross Connects in a few clicks with the Mission Control Portal

  • Set up a new VXC in a few clicks by choosing your network site, cloud provider, and desired throughput.
  • View, add or remove connections all in one place.
  • Dial up or down throughput in a few clicks to meet your scaling needs.

Choose Telnyx for a unified multi-cloud solution.

  • Call quality guaranteed
    Our unique carrier infrastructure means more reliable voice quality and lower latency.
  • High availability
    Built with diversity, resilience and redundancy to deliver 99.999% uptime, guaranteed.
  • Multi-cloud architecture
    Our direct connections with all major cloud providers mean unrivaled reliability.
  • Global reach
    We maintain cross-connects at hubs all over the world so you can extend your global footprint.

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