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SMS API for CRM and sales

Call center agent sends SMS

Build a custom SMS CRM with ease using our Messaging API

Building a Customer Relationship Management tool takes time and effort—not only are there technical considerations, but it needs to be compliant with appropriate data and privacy restrictions. Enabling CRM software with texting adds additional challenges around number type and delivery. Our Messaging API empowers developers to implement CRM SMS in 30 minutes or less.


Messaging that delivers

An SMS CRM needs to have high delivery in order to work, and our API and team are dedicated to just that


Typical deliverability improvement

Great savings and great results

With Telnyx, you can have both high quality and a great price.


Average savings on messaging

How It Works
  1. 1

    Connect your CRM to SMS via our messaging API

    Set up a Telnyx account, purchase required phone numbers and complete any required registrations by working in our self-service Mission Control Portal.

  2. 2

    Test your first SMS CRM sends and identify any issues

    Build a programmable SMS service for your CRM, test SMS sales sends directly or even create an SMS bot to engage sales leads. Our API automatically optimizes your sends for deliverability and compliance. Detailed, transparent debugging tools allow you to identify issues.

  3. 3

    Leverage our expertise to resolve issues

    If it's a common issue, there’s a doc for it. And where there isn’t, our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your CRM SMS sends work correctly at no extra charge.

  4. 4

    Scale your messaging with confidence

    Telnyx works closely with industry regulators, carriers and intermediaries to ensure the highest possible performance. We proactively intervene or advise where required, so that you can go from 100 to 100,000 with confidence.


Popular Telnyx offerings for SMS CRM

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    Receive SMS via Messaging API

    Need to receive messages from customers making or responding to sales enquiries?

    Check out this helpful guide.

Ready to get conversational?

If you want to automate a CRM SMS, you can have your application/service connect to our API as part of its logic.