Messaging Release Notes & Updates

At Telnyx we’re always improving our messaging features so you can offer your customers a robust communication experience, we make changes regularly based on feedback we receive from users like you.

Recent Updates to Messaging include:

02, April 2020

Twexit API Released

Telnyx is pleased to announce our Twexit API. This will allow users to switch their messaging services from Twilio by making minimal changes to their existing Twilio messaging code.

Follow the steps to make the switch:

1: Telnyx Portal Setup

Start by creating a new messaging profile account on your Telnyx Portal, and set the API version to “Twexit API”. Then assign an SMS-capable number to that messaging profile.

2: Send A Message

To begin sending messages, simply change the following fields in your code:

  1. Update the host and AccountSid in references to the Twilio messages endpoint.
  2. Twilio: POST{AccountSid}/Messages.json
  3. Telnyx: POST{organization_id}/Messages.json
  4. Update Authentication Header:
  5. Twilio: Authorization: Basic base64({AccountSid}:{AuthToken})
  6. Telnyx: Authorization: Basic base64({organization_id}:{auth_v2_api_key})
  7. Update the From number in the request payload.

Telnyx Inbound Message notifications will be in the same format as those sent by Twilio and will be sent to the inbound webhook URL set on the messaging profile.

For a full list of parameters and more API features, go to the Twexit API Developers Docs here

25, September 2019

URL Shortener Released


Custom Shortlinks With Telnyx

Today, many customers utilize public URLs in their SMS and MMS messages. And these Common URL shorteners are increasingly being blocked or flagged as SPAM. By using a Telnyx custom URL, you can more quickly update your public URL, helping ensure that your messages get through the first time, every time.

We currently support URLs that begin with https://, http://, www., or the following shorteners:

You’ll be able to define custom URLs to communicate your use case and add your own brand name to the domain, making your links instantly recognizable to customers. And when a recipient trusts your link, they’re far more likely to click.

You can configure the Telnyx URL Shortener in the Mission Control Portal in just a few clicks:

  1. Sign in to the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.
  2. Click on Messaging in the navigation menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Click the edit symbol [✎] for the Messaging Profile you want to use.
  4. Under Outbound Settings, you’ll see URL Shortener. Select your use case from the dropdown, then add your brand name to the domain.
  5. Save your changes.

That’s it. You’re all set to start using customizable shortlinks.

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