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Configure Toll-Free SMS & MMS in minutes or seconds including number provisioning and registration. Start sending immediately after. All via our top-rated Messaging API.

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Toll Free SMS Features

Features of Toll Free SMS via Telnyx

Toll Free SMS with Telnyx runs on an award-winning, industry-first Verification API.

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    High throughput toll-free SMS

    Up to 1,200 messages/minute per number. Customers switching from other vendors report a large throughput increase.

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    Numbers & registration on demand

    Instantly search for, provision and submit Messaging registration requests for branded toll-free numbers in the US.

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    Voice + SMS enabled

    Seamlessly transition between text and voice on the same number, for a true omnichannel experience. Toll-free numbers also free inbound calling.


Industry leading approval tools & times

Telnyx allows you to complete mandatory Toll-Free Messaging Registration via self-service API or Portal. Register as many numbers as you like in one go!


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Most Usable Toll-Free Platform

Telnyx regularly wins awards for its ease of use. In Fall 2022 we were again voted "Easiest to Work With" by


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Always-on support

Most providers put phone support behind a paywall. Telnyx SIP support is available around the clock—for every customer—so your questions never have to wait until Monday.


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Get Started

Try the resources below to get started

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Telnyx Toll Free Verification API Reference

    Check out our Developer Docs for details on our industry-first Toll Free Verification. From basic concepts to single and bulk phone number registrations and more.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Messaging API documentation

    Telnyx’s Messaging API supports SMS messages and MMS from 10DLC, short code, toll free numbers, mobile, alphanumeric and more.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Messaging API documentation for SMS CRM

    Telnyx’s Messaging API supports SMS and MMS from 10DLC, toll-free numbers, mobile and more.


Toll-free SMS is used to send text messages from toll-free numbers (8XX) to other mobile phones. Toll-free SMS numbers can be customized to your brand, and they also allow you to seamlessly switch between voice and text on the same number.