Toll-Free SMS

Send updates from branded, customer-friendly numbers.

Unified BrandingMaintain a single point of contact for customer communications.
High ThroughputReach more people quickly with send rates up to 1200 messages/minute/number.
Versatile ChannelSupport live or automated two-way conversations via voice, SMS or both.

Texting on Your Most Important Number

Your branded toll-free number is an asset. It consolidates customer interactions in one branded channel and allows users to become familiar with a dependable way to reach and be reached by your business. With toll-free SMS, you can offer another method of contacting your customer line while also rolling your text message campaigns onto a familiar toll-free line.One number, many conversations. Use application logic to manage messages across your entire user base and support text-to-voice transfer workflows like customer service conversations or caller queues.

SMS From Your Premier Toll-Free Voice Provider

Only Telnyx is a RespOrg that maintains Tier-1 interconnects with every toll-free carrier. That global infrastructure makes our service resilient against outages and lowers your messaging rates.

Branded Conversations

Talk directly to customers through your trusted toll-free number.
Customer Service

Reduce call center volume by introducing automated or live agent support via text.

Marketing and Sales

Roll your SMS promotions and nurture campaigns onto your toll-free number.

Application Alerts

Trusted alerts come from trusted numbers. Improve user experience with toll-free alerts.

Toll-Free SMS API

Provision, configure and operate toll-free SMS numbers via our developer API. Granular message information and delivery notifications put the power of SMS into your app developers’ hands. Introduce logic for any scenario. Imagination is the only constraint.
curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "x-profile-secret: PROFILE_SECRET" \
  --data '{
    "from": "+18889809750",
    "to": "+3122708156",
    "body": "How can we help?"
  }' \

Toll-Free SMS Features

Delivery Receipts

Know exactly who received what when and watch users move through your SMS funnel.

Unicode Support

UTF-8 characters supported on inbound and outbound messages.


We automatically break long messages into a string of 160-character texts.

Text-to-Voice Transfer

Enable workflows and conversations that include voice and SMS.

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