Release notes

  • 6, Jun 2020

    Australian Billing Available

    Telnyx customers can now choose to pay and see pricing in Australian Dollars.

  • 15, May 2020

    Telnyx Launches Programmable Fax API

    We’re excited to announce a new Programmable Fax API product, available via the Telnyx API.

  • 12, May 2020

    New Feature: Telnyx Video Calling with React Native Support

    Get started with Telnyx video calls using the latest version of our WebRTC SDK that now includes support for React Native!

  • 28, Apr 2020

    SMS API V2 Field Deprecation

    We have deprecated some API fields for our V2 messaging endpoints.

  • 15, Apr 2020

    New Outbound Voice Product: International Conversational Direct

    Find out how to enable premium routing for international outbound calls with Telnyx International Conversational Direct.

  • 25, Mar 2020

    New Telnyx AnchorSite™ in Frankfurt, Germany

    We're excited to announce the addition of AnchorSite™ capability to our point-of-presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany. With this release, Telnyx expands the capability and configurability of our global network.

  • 3, Mar 2020

    Hosted SMS

    In the US and Canada, you can now add Telnyx SMS to landline numbers without changing your existing voice provider.

  • 28, Feb 2020

    New: Time-based One-Time Password Authentication Setup

    Telnyx has implemented a TOTP (time-based one-time password) login feature for the Mission Control Portal.

  • 14, Feb 2020

    A new version of Telnyx WebRTC and SDK has landed!

    We’re excited to announce a new version of our Telnyx WebRTC and JavaScript SDK is now generally available.

  • 13, Feb 2020

    Parking Outbound Calls Made Simple

    We’re excited to announce a new Voice feature: Park Outbound Calls. This feature is now available in the Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.

    The Park Outbound Calls feature provides a simple mechanism for users to “park” their outbound calls instead of connecting them to their destination. The call then awaits further orders from its connected application.

  • 13, Feb 2020

    Telnyx Answering Machine Detection

    You’ll now be able to access more real-time information about your outbound calls — including if they’ve been answered by a machine or human and when an answering machine greeting ends.

  • 10, Feb 2020

    Zone Based Billing for Wireless is LIVE!

    Zone Based Billing - ZBB - is now live in Mission Control.