Release notes

  • 10, Feb 2021

    Bug Fix: Improving Custom Audio Playback Behavior

    We've implemented a bug fix to prevent audio playback from being interrupted on calls.

    When gathering user inputs using TeXML or the gather_using_audio. Call Control command, audio can be played to prompt the user. In this situation, a user's keypad button presses will interrupt the audio playback.

  • 4, Feb 2021

    Public IP Mapping: Mission Control Portal UI

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some updates to our Mission Portal Control interface to make it easier to upgrade SIM cards to use a public static IP.

  • 4, Feb 2021

    Public IP Mapping

    We’re excited to share our newest feature for Telnyx Wireless: you can now map public IPs to your Telnyx SIMs with a few simple clicks via the Telnyx API or Mission Control Portal.

  • 29, Jan 2021

    Introducing Managed Accounts in the Mission Control Portal

    We're thrilled to introduce Managed Accounts as a limited-release feature, enabling qualifying users to create sub-accounts with advanced management features.

  • 21, Jan 2021

    Expanded Docs for our WebRTC JavaScript Client

    It's now easier than ever to embed the full power of the Telnyx Voice API into your web browser. We've updated and expanded our API reference documentation for the Telnyx WebRTC JavaScript Client.

  • 9, Dec 2020

    New Product: Verify API for Two Factor Authentication

    Verify API has reduced all of the unnecessary steps for sending two factor authentication codes to devices.

  • 4, Dec 2020

    Webhook Logging for Advanced API Debugging

    If you're a Telnyx API user, you can now retrieve detailed information about webhooks for your account with our new Webhook Logging tools.

  • 23, Nov 2020

    SIP REFER for All Call Transfers | Telnyx Release Notes

    We’re excited to announce that Telnyx Voice API users can now transfer calls using the SIP Refer method. SIP Refer enables greater control over your communications by providing a reliable means of transferring calls between parties within your organization, or to the PSTN.

  • 30, Oct 2020

    Messaging (SMS/MMS) [RELEASE NOTES]

    If you're looking for all our SMS and MMS updates and release notes you can find them all contained here.

  • 30, Oct 2020

    Numbers (SIP and VoIP) [RELEASE NOTES]

    You can find all the latest updates and release notes together here.

  • 23, Oct 2020

    Telnyx launches new UK number ranges

    Telnyx is adding to our existing UK offering with our new UK number ranges so we can continue to help businesses scale, all over the world.

  • 23, Sep 2020

    We’re Updating Number Search in the Mission Control Portal

    We’ve changed the design of our Numbers page to make it easier for both new and existing users to navigate number search and ordering.