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NEW: Add Rate Limits to Outbound Profiles

By restricting outbound calling with rate limits upfront, you can reduce the damage call fraud can wreak on your phone bill.

By Josh Whitaker


You may have seen us sneak this in last week’s update digest, but we wanted to make sure. Telnyx users have been asking for this particular feature to better manage and control calling costs, and now it’s arrived.

Avoiding High Cost Termination

International calling costs can vary considerably depending on the destination. For example, the most expensive destination in Spain only costs $0.72/minute but certain Portuguese prefixes can cost as much as $3.62/minute. And, even more expensive locations exist in areas like Tunisia or parts of Russia. While businesses may need to reach these areas legitimately, high cost locations are also commonly leveraged by call hacking and call fraud scams to run up expensive bills. By restricting outbound calling upfront, you can reduce the damage fraudsters (or just a careless caller) could potentially wreak on your phone bill.

Limit Outbound Calling by Destination Rate

Rate limits are applied to outbound profiles. Open the advanced settings for an outbound profile in the gear menu to find the max destination rate:


Simply specify the maximum rate for lines associated with that profile. Any call made to a more expensive location won’t be able to connect. Since the setting is associated with the outbound profile, you can specify sets of lines with different limits. One department that does a lot of international business will require a higher limit than another that only makes domestic calls. Outbound profiles give you the granularity to configure lines at different rate tiers without setting it for each individual number.Have questions? Wondering about best practices? Our customer service team is always ready to help best configure your Telnyx account.


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