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VIDEO: Build an SMS Appointment Reminder Application

Watch this five minute tutorial to learn how to send appointment reminders with Telnyx SMS API and Python SDK.

Risa Takenaka
Appointment reminder application step by step tutorial

Welcome to our newest video tutorial on SMS Appointment Reminders

Today, our Developer Advocate Jack will walk through the process of scheduling SMS appointment reminders using the Telnyx API. Whether it’s in healthcare, education, or for general business purposes, the high open rates for SMS make it a great mode of communication for the appointment reminder use case. This short and sweet five minute video explains how to set up your environment and start building your application with the following tools:
Flask - To set up a simple HTTP server
Celery - To schedule meeting reminders for the future
Redis - To serve as the backend for Celery
By the end of the tutorial, you will be able to schedule an appointment reminder for some time in the future, and send it from a Telnyx number. Feel free to follow along with the written version of the tutorial here -- happy building!

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