Send automated appointment reminders to clients via SMS with the Telnyx Messaging API

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated appointment reminder via API

In many industries, text reminders about upcoming appointments are critical. Missed appointments are costly to both the customer and the provider, and a friendly reminder can significantly reduce the no-show rate. Building this logic into your existing application or service experience is easy with the Telnyx Messaging API.

Build automated appointment reminder logic into your application

Set up triggers in your application to send appointment reminders at specific times (e.g., 24 hours before an appointment). Connect this to the set-and-forget Telnyx Messaging API.


Trigger client appointment reminders on demand

Based on your configured logic, Telnyx will trigger an SMS or voice notification to your customer to notify them about an upcoming appointment.


Capture responses to text reminders

Customers can confirm or reschedule the upcoming appointment by replying to the SMS, clicking a link, replying verbally on the call or inputting digits. You can process this information and schedule callbacks as needed.


Send automated appointment reminders and receive replies via one Messaging API

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts


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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently Asked Questions about building Automated Appointment Reminders

This depends on your setup and what the messages contain. Since SMS usually lacks end-to-end encryption, HIPAA compliance can be challenging. Check out our guide on this topic for more information.

Use the Telnyx Messaging API to set up automated text reminders in your existing application. It's worth noting that appointment reminders should ideally contain minimal personal information due to HIPAA considerations.

Use a 2-way-capable SMS number (such as local or 10DLC) and include logic for inbound messages via a webhook from the Telnyx API. For example, if a customer replies “Y,” your application can flag them as confirmed. Check out this guide for more info.