Are Your SMS Numbers Healthy?

Are Your SMS Numbers Healthy?

Why is Number Health important?

We understand that for many businesses, message deliverability is critical — not only can it impact customer experience, it can also impact your bottom line.

But constantly changing regulations and increasing carrier complexities can result in higher levels of blocked messages. That’s why Telnyx has developed a number of features to help make sure your fully compliant messages get through first time, every time.

The first in our series is Number Health, which provides real-time metrics on key indicators of number health, so you can monitor and adjust usage as needed. So what do we track for each number?

- Received to sent ratio,
- Delivery success ratio, and
- SPAM rejection ratio.

You can also choose to skip unhealthy numbers which will use these metrics to automatically remove all unhealthy numbers from your communications — giving you the best chance of SMS success.

How do numbers become unhealthy?

In an effort to protect consumers against SPAM and comply with strict regulations, carriers have automated processes to observe SMS traffic and attempt to discern when traffic is SPAM. They do this by observing message send rates and content, including keywords and URLs.

This isn’t a foolproof process and sometimes messages are flagged as SPAM, or even outright blocked, when they shouldn’t be. SMS Number Health is just one of the features Telnyx provides to help make sure your CTIA-compliant messages aren’t mistakenly blocked — check out more information about Number Pool and Maximum Throughputs here.

How do I use Number Health?

To see your number health metrics in the Mission Control Portal:

1. Sign into the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.
2. Click on Numbers in the navigation menu on the left-hand side.
3. Click the green SMS icon next to the number you want to view metrics for.
4. Under Health, you’ll see the relevant metrics, as well as the number of messages used to determine them.

And to remove unhealthy numbers when sending messages:

1. Click Messaging in the Mission Control Portal.
2. Click the edit symbol [✎] next to the relevant Messaging Profile.
3. Under Outbound Settings, toggle on Number Pool.
4. Tick Skip Unhealthy Numbers and Save your changes.

That's it — you've removed unhealthy numbers.

You can also access your number health metrics via API. Visit our Developer Center for more info.
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