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Communications Should Not Be Internet Reliant

Should communications be reliant upon the internet? We delve into the topic and our analysis may be surprising.

Odhran Reidy
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Businesses are growing globally at an ever-increasing pace. Internet services and tooling has broken down geographical barriers, enabling companies to reach a global audience easier than ever before.
However, while the internet is the most effective medium for scaling online communications to anywhere in the world, it isn’t sufficient to provide a high-fidelity, secure experience. As we look to the future of communications, we must ensure the underlying infrastructure we rely on is independent of the public internet.


You don’t need to build your own global infrastructure to serve a global client base. Instead, choose a Cloud Communications or Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider for real-time conversations that are embeddable, configurable and internet-centric.
CPaaS provides programmable connectivity through APIs. Now you can embed communications into your applications and customize configurations to any use case. CPaaS built on private, facilities-based infrastructure can enable more reliable, secure connectivity with a greater global reach than the public internet can support.
  • 85% of top-performing companies believe APIs are crucial to growth.
  • 30% of enterprises are set to embed communications through API or CPaaS vendors by 2020.
  • $10.9 billion is expected to be spent on enterprise CPaaS by 2022.

... NOT internet-reliant

The public internet is riddled with performance blockers and security issues. As packets are traversed across the internet they are susceptible to malicious attacks and bottlenecks which lead to degraded quality. Not the ideal path for your traffic.
The current public communications infrastructure is insufficient. The legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can’t support the way modern internet-centric systems operate. The market is filled with outdated hardware and inflexible network operators. Wireless networks still remain expensive and limited.
Data sent over the public internet can cross as many as 30 different networks. Each network is another opportunity for human-in-the-middle attacks and compromised connections. Plus, additional hops degrade call quality because of latency and lost data.
To maintain top-tier quality, some cloud communications providers build bespoke infrastructure to pull calls into private routing environments. For organizations operating under stringent security requirements, encryption and private infrastructure offer the best options for securing internet communications while still providing accessible, delightful user experiences.

Telnyx offers the ability to strengthen and simplify your communications with a purpose-built, private IP network.
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